Jump Start Your New Year’s Resolutions By Reducing Paper Waste with Intel-Powered Tablets

Going green is top of mind for businesses and individuals alike. Whether paying bills online, emailing receipts or signing e-iStock_000030302716Smalldocuments, cutting down on paper is helping the environment and significantly reducing paper waste.

Technologies that enable mobile productivity make going paperless even more convenient. Intel-powered tablets provide a means to get business done without printing countless documents. The trend is already in full swing, being adopted by numerous tablet users. Here are a few ways that you can decrease paper waste and go green with your tablet.

Hold the Receipts

Our pockets are constantly cluttered with receipts that waste paper and often end up crumpled in the laundry or tossed out. Many mom and pop shops are bringing tablets into their businesses to cut out paper waste while improving customer’s experiences. More and more often you will see a tablet and payment applications such as Square, which ensure both customer and business security, in the place of a cash register at your corner coffee shop or favorite lunch spot. Swiping, signing and sending your receipt to your email inbox instead of waiting for a printed receipt improves the speed and ease of your purchase while cutting out paper waste. By continuing to implement paperless point of sale solutions and encouraging customers to opt-in, businesses will improve the customer experience and provide secure methods to go paperless.

E-Sign Away

Popular e-signature solutions such as DocuSign and Adobe EchoSign enable secure, paperless signing. Businesses and individuals can cut out the paper trail and eliminate printing lengthy documents to sign and scan or fax. E-signing on a tablet can benefit large business who constantly send out contracts to employees, customers and vendors, small businesses who need an efficient and cost effective solution, and individuals who might need to accept a job offer or sign an agreement while away from their printer, all backed by top security solutions.

Ditch Your Notepad

Whether taking notes in work meetings, the classroom, or for your personal reference, a tablet can act as a one-stop shop for organizing your documents and reminders. From grocery lists to important meeting minutes, tablets eliminate the need to carry around clunky notepads and help to consolidate important information in one ultra-portable place. Apps such as Evernote go above and beyond by helping you organize notes, make lists and clip Web pages, in addition to tasks such as photographing receipts saving pictures all on your tablet. Share documents with your other devices, friends, family and colleagues with apps such as OneDrive and Google Drive to improve collaboration and connectivity.

Stop Your Subscriptions

While some things will always be nice to have on paper, chances are you may prefer iStock_000019656631Smallreading your newspapers and magazines conveniently on your tablet device. Instead of carrying around heavy magazines or sorting through the morning paper, newspaper and magazine apps allow you to save articles, subscribe to monthly magazines and organize reading materials all on your tablet. Think of all the trees that are saved by people reading more on their device.

With New Year’s resolutions on the horizon, now is a good time to reevaluate your paper usage and think about how you can positively impact the environment by using your tablet.