Say ‘So Long’ To Buffering with Wireless-AC

New wireless-enabled 802.11ac devices are leaving their predecessors in the dust. Data transfer rate comparisons between 802.11ac and 802.11bgn show big improvements in the newer technology.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Take this possible scenario:

Twin brothers Ben and Bob Jones decide it’s time to upgrade their current home networks. Ben, who is an early adopter, wants the latest and fastest technology, so he upgrades his AP to 802.11ac and recently bought a 2in1 with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter inside. Bob on the other hand does not put as much thought into his purchase. He believes that all networks are pretty much the same and that any Wi-Fi will do, so he chooses a 2in1 with an 802.bgn Wi-Fi adapter inside. When deciding who will be hosting movie night for the week, they run a quick experiment to see who will deliver the best experience.

They both download the same 17GB 1080P Blu-ray movie and compare results. Ben’s Intel® Wireless-AC device downloaded the film in about 7 minutes, while Bob’s 802.11bgn device took 21 minutes to deliver the content.

Thanks to transfer rates up to 3x faster than 802.11bgn, users with devices featuring 802.11ac technology can spend more time enjoying their content than waiting for it. Devices with older 802.11bgn often buffer and lag while the newer Wi-Fi tech streams smoothly.

Better Performance at Farther Distances

Not only does 802.11ac enable faster download times, it outperforms 802.11bgn in the distance arena as well. At a distance of 160 feet from the router, 802.11ac devices still boasted transfer rates 4x that of 802.11bgn.

So when Bob and Ben’s friends arrive at Ben’s house for movie night, there won’t be any groans they used to hear when the movie started buffering during an intense car chase, and they’ll all be able to take advantage of the network’s enhanced distance.

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