Intel Labs Lights Up Faster Future Interconnects

At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, Intel Labs got to spotlight one of its many promising innovations during Intel CEO Paul Otellini’s keynote.

Light Peak is the code name for a new high-speed optical cable technology designed to connect our electronic devices to each other.


Intel Labs describes it this way:

Light Peak delivers high bandwidth starting at 10Gb/s with the potential ability to scale to 100Gb/s over the next decade. At 10Gb/s, you could transfer a full-length Blu-Ray movie in less than 30 seconds. Optical technology also allows for smaller connectors and longer, thinner, and more flexible cables than currently possible. Light Peak also has the ability to run multiple protocols simultaneously over a single cable, enabling the technology to connect devices such as peripherals, displays, disk drives, docking stations, and more.

Light Peak was first shown publically at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco in mid September 2009. At that time, I got to go inside the lab to capture videoof a show and tell from Jason Ziller.

Since IDF, Intel Labs engineers have improved the design. So after the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I got to revisit Jason inside the Labs to see the latest prototype devices in action. These were the same devices used during the keynote at CES.

Seeing this technology evolve rapidly over the past five months set off my imagination. Maybe soon we’ll do away with needing so many differnet types of connectors, making it easier to connect cameras, TVs, digital frames and computers.


This could bring great benefits for travelers, I think and smile. If only I could carry one cable that allowed me to take HD video or high quality photos from my two cameras and transfer them quickly to my laptop for editing….


Fewer, faster transfer cables would certainly make my life easier!


4 thoughts on “Intel Labs Lights Up Faster Future Interconnects

  1. Dear Intel,
    For Christmas and the New Year, I hope that the quiet game which your LightPeak team have been playing is because either…
    1. They are virtually anti-social
    2. They are too busy getting it ready
    3. They just don’t know how excited we are
    …and not…
    1. The exclusive launch rights of the LightPeak technology was “sold” to another company, and that company is delaying it for everyone else (ie Apple, et al).
    2. There is a problem with manufacturing
    3. Delaing launch for ANY reason other than engineering or manufacturing…#WeThePeople needed this in 2010, not later.
    I prefer the former 3, verses the later 3, even if the effect is identical. Happy holidays.
    @SawyerIII #BLISSystems
    PS If Apple or another company are holding back the release, then please let the members of the Pilot program (& their affiliates) know what is going on.

  2. Nice!
    Things are getting bigger and faster…
    Combine SSD’s w/ Light Peak and boom…
    I can bet that at least in I/O terms, within 5 years from now we will be talking about moving a few TB in a few minutes.
    The thing is that I think that networks, and of course internet in general.. and moreover.. ISP’s worldwide, will have to boost themselves, to keep up with these technologies. (And the forthcoming ones)
    I hope, that in the next decade we can talk about uploading a “more-than-full-HD” home-made video to the internet in a few minutes.
    Anyway, there’s a lot to be done to make that happen…
    For now, enjoy the view…

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