Intel Xeon 5500: The IT Manager’s ATM?

You’ve no doubt heard that Intel’s new Xeon 5500 series processors can deliver a return on investment in as little as 8 months when you replace an older, single-core Xeon server. You may even have heard Pat Gelsinger refer to the new servers as becoming ‘cash machines’ after eight months. It’s certainly a bold statement, and we understand if you’re a skeptic. However Intel is now offering a tool that supports this statement and helps IT departments assess the value of replacing their aging x86 hardware with new Intel servers. The Intel® Xeon® processor-based Server Refresh Savings Estimator lets you enter data about your existing server environment and evaluate whether replacing older server technology with the latest generation of Xeon-based servers is worth the investment. Here’s how it works:

• You can run a simple or customized analysis based on 11 potential models of cost and savings categories that Intel developed with the help of industry leading ROI and TCO consultant Alinean. These models include cost avoidance of new construction, OS license expenses, server maintenance, server migration expenses and server disposal costs.

• The tool also gives users a choice of two scenarios: server consolidation with or without virtualization software.

• There are two types of analysis – simple or custom. Simple takes as little as five minutes to complete and examines a few key variables. A custom analysis runs more detailed scenarios and allows users to change cost, system details, performance and environmental assumptions to match their situation.

• You can print out a report featuring summaries based on the different assumptions and calculations you entered into the estimator. This report can also be shared via email with your colleagues.

For example, one scenario might involve consolidating from 100 Intel-based servers to 10 new Xeon® 5500 series-based servers. After entering the data, several figures, including hardware and software maintenance, and network and utility expenses are significantly lower. The result is a more than 450% return on investment which translates into payback within nine months. The details of this scenario underscores the impact of an investment in Xeon servers and can be seen in this how-to-use guide which includes step-by-step directions on how to use the Server Refresh Savings Estimator.

Please give the Server Refresh Savings Estimator a try and don’t hesitate to provide us with feedback in the Intel Server Room. We’re positive you’ll find this to be a valuable resource as you consider your IT investments.

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