Video: Sneak Peek at Intel Atom-Powered Devices Appearing at IDF

Last September, just prior to the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco 2007, I met up with Intel’s Mark Parker, who gave us a sneak peak at a wafer filled with Intel Atom processors (back then codenamed Silverthorne). Seeing a few of the prototype devices helped open my imagination to what these future mobile Internet devices (MIDs) could do.

In March of this year, I caught up with Ultra Mobility Group guru Uday Keshavdas just as his team was packing up MIDs for IDF Shanghai 2008. In this video he cracks an Atom powered MID open so we could see the Atom chip and guts inside.

Uday met with me the other day to show three Intel Atom-powered devices that will be on hand this week at IDF San Francisco, the special Oylmpic edition Lenovo ideapad. See him touch the screen and finger scroll through the IDF Blog.

Intel Software Community’s Jeff Moriarty will have the special edition Lenovo in San Francisco later today and through Thursday. Watch for meet up Tweets and posts — more details in his recent IDF blog.