New Intel Ads

Intel has launched a new advertising campaign – moving away from the ‘Multiply’ ads with cool and funky dancers to something a bit more processor specific. These ‘Centrino Duo’ ads feature charming and debonair little processors (with British accents) chatting and singing inside what looks like a Willy Wonka designed fab. One IT industry expert told us that these new ads are as cool as the old ‘Bunnyman’ commercials. The ads are fun, and straight to the point: Great computing starts with Intel inside.

The Mystery

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5 Responses to New Intel Ads

  1. ThePlaz says:

    I liked the old multiply ad better! But I guess everything gets old. Still, I dislike the ads which show fake “factories”. Why not show your real one? Dell has been doing similar things to, with a fake “factory” also.

  2. JC says:

    It’s nice to see Intel focus on what they do best..making processors NOT dancers. Finally a comercial that aligns to product taking the guess work out of the intent. This makes the comercial experience enjoyable and makes me want to buy their product.

  3. engineering says:

    it seems fun ….but is it? Intel is the best(i mean it) one of processor engineering in the world….thats why their fun has some greatest feature obviously …that we also seens here…see the lab…see the plan of advertising…see overall…may be u got my point..)

  4. Antonio says:

    i think the commercials are childish yet air during primetime?! use these commercials during saturday morning cartoons but not during the world series!?! bring back the blue man group or bunny people or better yet copy apple and use footage from our factories which are mesmerizing!