Digital Signage Means Big Dollar Signs for Technology Providers

Every Client-Facing Customer is Your Best Prospect for Digital Signage

When digital signage is present in any business environment it has the potential to be a massive source of information, education and engagement for all of your customers’ clients. There is no commercial entity that does not want to capture and retain their prospects’ and customers’ attention when given the opportunity. This is why, by 2017, the global digital signage market is projected to eclipse over $17 billion in spending.

What most business owners fail to realize is that simply placing a flat panel broadcast TV in their place of business is an ongoing stream of lost opportunity. Today digital signs are used to showcase hot new inventory, promote closeouts, measure message effectiveness, and so much more. [This video summarizes a plethora of digital signage applications and how to leverage the vast opportunity. Click Desktop-PC and launch the video entitled “Intro to Digital Signage”.]

digital signage

For example, retailers are achieving the kind of engagement with their shoppers that they crave by putting the right screens in strategic places and showing targeted messages. Restaurateurs are leveraging the benefits of digital signage by combining it with at-the-table mobile ordering and payment processing to further enhance the customer experience. Hotels are using the technology to highlight facilities, offer services and enable self-service check in/check out.

Why is this so important to you? Think of all the technology that sits behind digital signage that powers these business opportunities. To start with, commercial grade displays are mandatory, as consumer grade displays are not designed for 24/7 use.  Size and scale, as well as cable routing, are early considerations in the design process. Specification and configuration of the right compute devices is critical for successful implementation and the ongoing operation of the digital signage ecosystem.

There are numerous options available to technology providers when scoping these systems.  Intel® Mini PCs with fan-less design, Intel® NUCs and Intel® Compute Sticks are all components that can easily provide the fuel to drive these systems.

From the services side of the equation, you can add a world of value in scoping, designing and supporting your clients’ digital signage ecosystem. Reliable network connectivity is essential for providing content updates, media streaming and integration with existing store or office systems. Best yet, with Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) capabilities—a feature of Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® vPro™ technology, you can offer remote support to your customers.

The really cool opportunity here for you is that nearly every customer is a prospect for digital signage. And, getting them started is easy. With the Intel® Compute Stick and Corel Digital Signage bundle, you can have your client up and running in minutes.

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