Focus on Education Part 3: Security and Manageability

Technology and security go hand-in-hand. Smart, connected devices open a world of exploration, discovery, learning and opportunity. However, if the devices and infrastructure are not designed, implemented and managed with an eye to security, trouble can find its way in.  A digital learning environment that lacks the proper security earns a failing grade.

Building a flexible infrastructure through security, cloud, connectivity, storage and manageability helps you integrate education technology, nurture teachers and foster collaborative learning. These steps will help guide you.

  1. Develop a secure strategy for your K-12 education customers
  2. Set the tone for data privacy programs
  3. Choose secure, affordable and adaptive devices

Device selection is a critical element in developing and delivering a secure environment. Ultrabook™ 2 in 1 devices, for instance, give students and teachers the flexibility of a tablet when students want it, a laptop when they need it. When these devices are equipped with Intel® vPro™ technology, security and manageability are further enhanced, while TCO is reduced.

2 in 1 devices can save educational institutions tens of thousands of dollars per year in manageability and license fees. At the same time, 2 in 1s with Intel vPro technology afford you better remote access and better visibility into your customers’ PC hardware. You can can query, restore, upgrade, protect and fix devices remotely. Faster issue resolution decreases users’ downtime and increases the quantity and quality of teaching and learning—a benefit that educators and students can easily understand.

Using integrated platform capabilities and popular third-party management and security applications, Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)— a feature of Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® vPro™ technology—allows you, as a managed service provider, to better discover, repair and protect your customers’ networked computing assets. The benefits to your customers are clear and the upside for you is the addition of increased and recurring managed services revenues.

For Education Partners there has never been a better time to take advantage of what Intel has to offer. In addition to the traditional education-specific tier-level benefits, partners can qualify to unlock even more powerful Education Specialty Benefits. These Specialty Benefits are unrivaled for helping give education partners a competitive advantage in supplying complete solutions to their customers.

Learn about the latest market trends in education and earn training credits. This new course, Win with Channels in Education describes new education-centric solutions, a joint campaign with Microsoft and changes to the Education Specialty Benefits.