Mitali Monalisa’s Life at Intel

We recently spoke with several employees at Intel India who graduated from different universities around India to discuss how they found success at Intel and hear some advice on how recent college graduates entering their career arenas can make the most of their time to achieve a career-best experience at Intel.

Mitali Monalisa graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and joined Intel as a software developer in the Digital Home Group 13 years ago after working for a few years with another technology organization. Today she is the Asia-Pacific lead for OWR (One Windows Recipe) on the One Windows Modernization initiative with the Software Solutions Group.

“I’d like to think that I planned my whole career journey. But it’s not like that. If I had to talk to my younger self, I would praise myself for trying out lots of different projects at Intel, but I would also advise myself to dive deeper into some subjects. When you are new to your career, the early years are a great time to go deep inside a particular technology and become an expert with it. Your learning and retention abilities are at their highest, after all. I would tell anyone who is interested in starting a new career here that they should really capitalize on that. If you are picking an area, stick to it. If you are joining a well-established organization, be sincere about what you are doing. There is no substitute for hard work. Grow in expertise, but at the same time don’t get too comfortable in one space. Don’t settle, keep challenging yourself and it will all align, when you look back. This has been my honest experience at Intel. Take every opportunity to hone and maintain your technical edge.

“From a day-to day perspective, I like the fact that I have the freedom to work according to my priorities. I define my own work life balance. I am a mother of twins, and when I took my maternity leave my team and management supported me entirely. They ensured a very smooth integration, which I am thankful for. My team would even say, “If you make tea and pakoras, we can come over to your place and do the meeting. You don’t need to drive all the way to work.” I think it is important to think about the less quantifiable benefits you are getting with a career like this, beyond just your pay and benefits package.”

Mitali continues to pursue her interests in singing, drama and short film making, is an active blogger, hikes and climbs with her husband and visits at least one place she has never been to every year.

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  1. Happy 13th anniversary. I remember walking down the halls passing by Mitali and she would divert her eyes. Eventually we talked and I got to know what a great person she is. I have worked with Mitali for the majority of her time at Intel and she is a fantastic employee in all geos. She constantly pushes for more and isn’t satisfied if we aren’t delivering our best. She has a great husband and cool kids. Congrats on the journey!

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