It’s a Brand New Jobs at Intel Site—Made for You!

If you’ve visited our Jobs at Intel website recently, and by recently I mean between yesterday and today, you may have noticed it’s different.  Not a, “Oh look, they added a new photo!” different, but an “Am I at the right place? This looks really different” kind of different.


Our corporate recruitment website – Jobs at Intel – underwent a major transformation! (Don’t worry, it’s the same great content plus more, just organized in a better way and prettier!)  It’s been a year in the making but we’re proud to finally be able to show you what’s been going on behind the scenes.  There are lots of great things about the upgrade but what we like most is that it’s centered around YOU – for the best user experience to help you navigate our recruitment website best!  The look and feel is fresh and navigation has evolved to match the trends and flow of how users find and use content.  Some of the updated features include smart search and smart filters which provide content delivery that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re a student looking for an internship or a first career or an experienced professional looking for a different challenge, the new site will enable you to explore opportunities, access and apply for jobs or browse Life at Intel and discover firsthand the benefits of being an Intel employee.

Our goal is to revolutionize the way candidates like you engage with the Intel brand, our web products and services and to create a user experience that puts you at the center and really highlights Intel as a Great Place to Work.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and give the Jobs at Intel site a whirl—and let us know what you think!  Your comments and feedback (good and bad, but please no ugly) help us get better.

14 thoughts on “It’s a Brand New Jobs at Intel Site—Made for You!

  1. Hello sir,
    I am an engineering graduate from ECE passed out in 2013 with an aggregate of 77.77%. I have good knowledge in both software and hardware. My skills are C,C++,Unix,java,ALP,VHDL,VerilogHDL & Matlab. Looking for a job.If my profile fulfill your requirements then give your response.


    1. Hi Krishna,
      The best way to submit your resume to us for consideration is through the Jobs at Intel website at Search our open positions based on your skill set and interests, as well as the location(s) you are interested in, and apply to any matches. If there isn’t an opening that is a match right now, be sure to complete a candidate profile so you are in our system and check back regularly to see now openings. Hope that helps! Good luck!

    1. Hi Saba, what kind of technical information are you looking for? As for more information on the process and tips, check this link out and look up some of the earlier blog posts with tips from recruiters. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  2. Hello Sejal!

    I have been applying for graduate intern positions since 1 year..some rejections..some under process. Isn’t there any other way to directly visit the nearby intel office and submit resume/ appear interview(for internship)?
    Also, I would like to know about my profile- my cgpa isn’t strong, but I do have 1 research paper published in an international journal, so will this help to compensate my weak part ?


    1. Hi Sakshi,
      Unfortunately there isn’t a way to just stop by an Intel office and submit your resume. Sometimes we have events on site that are open to candidates or also participate in career fairs open to the public–those would be appropriate to attend if there are any in your area anytime soon. We usually publicize our events through the Jobs at Intel Facebook page as well as through colleges and our recruiting events calendar. I’ve sent the second part of your question to my recruiter colleagues and will share their response with you as soon as I get it. Hope that helps–and good luck!

  3. Hello Sejal,

    I had an on-site interview very recently at Hillsboro with the DTS group. My manager told me that though I was selected, he could not hire me presently as a DTS freeze had been enforced on the day immediately following my interview day.
    I am an international student and I am sure tonnes of students have asked you this before, but considering that this is specific to the group and the time of the year, what do you make of the freeze? Do you have any information on how long does a freeze in a group like this traditionally last? What are the chances of the freeze lifting in the next 2-3 months? Any insights along these questions will greatly help me plan my way ahead.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Jay,
      While hiring freezes are not uncommon, unfortunately there aren’t any real patterns that emerge because there can be different causes for them that I’m not privy to. (Ex. A change in the organization structure, being over head count, changing priorities, etc.)

      There is not an official company-wide freeze in play right now, so it could be business group specific. If I gave you a timeline of when things could change, it would be pure speculation only, so I won’t waste your time with that. I would say that you should continue to apply for positions of interest at Intel. There may be other groups with similar needs and the ability to move forward with you now. Sorry I don’t have any more info to share!

  4. Hi Sejal,

    I wanted to find out if you have any region specific recruitment procedures for Nigeria (West Africa). I am interested in joining Intel in an experienced role, and would like to know if you accept unsolicited applications, or its exclusively per vacancy.


    1. Hi Jamal,
      We don’t have any specific procedures (do anything differently) for Nigeria. The best way for you to apply is to visit and apply to a specific opening or create a candidate profile if there’s not an opening that matches your skillset and interests right now. Good luck!

  5. Hi,
    thank you for the intel jobs site it’s very convivial and informative. My question is : is there any project to extend this service to outside US

    best regards

    1. Hi Kahia,

      The Jobs at Intel website is our global careers site. As part of that global reach, the entire site has been upgraded, not just the US pages. Check out the locations page for an example.

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