Iot in Logistics: Advanced Shipment Monitoring With the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform

Join me in the Intel Booth at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona from October 16-18th, 2018, for a demo of the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform. At the booth, you will be able to speak with industry experts that can help you kick-off your business’s logistics transformation.

From lowering cost by enabling automation to saving lives by connecting people, IoT technology is transforming the way we live and do business. One industry that is embracing digitization and acknowledging the value of IoT technology across its end-to-end operations is Logistics. With expected global spends of >$10T by 2020, the Logistics industry is rapidly evolving into a test bed for innovation to keep up with growing challenges across the supply chain and cost pressures resulting from macroeconomic factors. By leveraging its Gartner-ranked supply chain and deep technology expertise, Intel is well-positioned to lead the Logistics industry’s transformation and tackle the most difficult problems to date. One example is supply chain visibility.

Companies worldwide are shipping millions of tons of goods and materials every year. At Intel, we are shipping over 170,000 tons annually! Yet when a shipment is compromised while in-transit (due to damage, loss, delay, theft, or spoilage), companies lose revenue and productivity in addition to the goods. There is a strong and growing need for transparency and integrity along the supply chain. The industry-wide need can be addressed through the availability of valuable, granular, near real-time, reliable and secure data from Intel IoT-based technology. Whether it is using a mobile app to track your high-value shipments or monitoring your fleet through a control tower, turning data into actionable insights and amazing experiences is at the core of Intel’s vision for the “new” data world.

To address this major visibility challenge, Intel has developed the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform, a certified, ready-to-deploy and customizable platform consisting of smart tags, mobile and fixed Intel-based gateways, and a visual dashboard that provides condition and location monitoring of freight down to the individual item-level. Through thoughtful planning, the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform product development team has addressed the key challenges solution providers face when implementing IoT, including interoperability, security, and connectivity. Now, logistics providers and shippers, across industries such as Food & Beverage, Pharma, High-Tech, and High-Value Goods, can benefit from the platform by getting near real-time tracking of their shipment’s integrity across the supply chain. Additionally, by having pre-integrated cloud modules, solution providers will be able to take this product to market much faster!


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