Industrial IoT Muscles up to Functional Safety with New Intel Solution

In my position as GM for industrial solutions in the Intel Internet of Things Group (IOTG) I’ve heard manufacturers consistently voice frustration on how to effectively and efficiently develop, design and deploy robust functional safety solutions to meet evolving safety standards and protect the environment, people, products and company brand. They require safety-critical applications and workflows that accelerate the integration of robotics, security and control and automation systems to meet IEC 61508 functional safety certification requirements, while ensuring robust availability and reliability.

That’s why I’m so excited that manufacturers can now rely on Intel’s leadership and innovation in digital technology platforms for industrial safety applications with the release of the Intel Xeon processor D-1529 IEC 61508 certification solution — an integrated solution that improves operational and safety evaluation insight throughout the supply chain.

Functional Safety: From Silicon to Systems

A man analyzes data at smart factory powered by Intel technology.

An integrated functional safety design package for IEC61508 applications includes hardware, software, tools and documentation to accelerate development of safety integrity level (SIL) 1 and 2 applications and products— hazard risk analysis and safety integrity. Here are three key features of the solution:

  • Intel functional safety solution — meeting global IEC 61508 requirements
  • Powered by the Intel Xeon processor D-1529, bringing high-performance, energy-efficient and scalable safety solutions to industry
  • Accelerates time to market with optimized diagnostics, support for mixed-criticality workloads and more


Functional Safety Meets High Performance

Cobots team up on some awesome manufacturing equipment.

I’m also excited that this solution covers hardware and software, including standardized Intel silicon, the Intel Software Test Library and certification documentation. It’s all designed to help accelerate development of safety-certified systems. Read the product brief.


Delivering a Safer and More Secure Software Solution

A cobot gets a little fine tuning before springing into action on the smart factory floor.

Intel subsidiary Wind River is known for its comprehensive portfolio of software products that enable the development of functional safety solutions. Its VxWorks real-time operating system, Wind River Linux platform and Simics system simulation technology support and perfectly complement the Intel Xeon processor D-1529 for industrial IEC 61508 certification, delivering a differentiated and compelling functional safety offering for building next-generation critical systems. For more information, visit the Wind River functional safety page.


Functional Safety for Mixed-Criticality Workloads

A robot and a human working collaboratively in a smart factory.

I think manufacturers will also be thrilled to see that the Intel Xeon processor D-1529 brings built-in virtualization capabilities — robustly separating the consolidated safety and nonsafety applications on a shared compute platform. This enables mixed criticality workloads from multiple teams and suppliers to execute safe and non-safe applications, such as robotics, security, and control and automation systems. Added bonus: IT applications can run securely on the same platforms.

Now manufacturers can accelerate development of robust functional safety solutions to protect the environment, people and products. Just another way that Intel technology is leading the way for a better tomorrow.

Intrigued? Check out our functional safety page for all the nitty-gritty details. For more on Intel IoT  developments, subscribe to our RSS feed for email notifications of blog updates, or visit and Twitter.

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