Intel IoT Ignition Lab Spotlights Turkish Internet of Things Innovations

Innovation takes flight with the butterfly dress created by Intel and ezra+tuba, Turkish designer sisters. Istanbul skylineSitting at the crossroads of historic innovations, Istanbul welcomed another step forward in recent years with the opening of its first Intel IoT Ignition Lab. The Internet of Things (IoT) lab came about thanks to a fruitful collaboration among Intel IoT, Intel Labs Europe, and Technology University. Today, it showcases solutions for smart cities, retail, and transportation.

A place to innovate, collaborate, and scale out ideas, the lab offers tools, technology, and engineering know-how to those in the industry who are working to take IoT projects into commercial deployment.


What are IoT Ignition Labs?

Intel’s I• An award-winning 3D-designed splint that has been combined with Intel Edison.oT Ignition Labs recognize the need to enable the fast creation of scalable, standardized solutions. They provide hands-on opportunities to experience the latest IoT technologies, access to matchmaking across the Intel ecosystem, exposure to proofs of concept and use cases from peers, and advice on how to take solutions to market. With eight locations across the region, solutions can be diffused rapidly saving development time and helping to extend customer reach into new markets. Here is a sampling of some of the many innovations coming out of the lab in Istanbul.

  • An award-winning 3D-designed splint that has been combined with Intel Edison for monitoring the progress of Cerebral Palsy in a patient’s forearm (shown above).
  • Smart wearables for primary schools by Konfides
  • Safe traffic solutions by ekin
  • A video analytics platform by Infodif


The Butterfly Dress, Powered by Intel Edison

The butterflA close up of the butterfly dress.y dress was created by Intel and ezra+tuba, Turkish designer sisters. This dress is the first haute couture design in the world that is powered by Intel Edison. It features butterflies that flap their wings as well as those that fly off from the dress to create an impressive display of airborne paper butterflies. A proximity sensor is used to modulate the rate at which the butterflies flap their wings as well as when butterflies launch from the dress.

This prototype was developed with complete outside-the-box-thinking in order to demonstrate the possibilities of marrying ordinary fabric with intelligent technology.


Inside Intel IoT Ignition Labs

Each lab has a showcase area, featuring solution demos and developer kits. The most important focus of the lab turns customer projects into commercial products and revenue. Intensive workshops provide training that covers everything from the Intel IoT Gateway to Hadoop and big data analytics.

Additionally, the lab serves as a venue to host developer networking and matchmaking events across the IoT community, as well as multiparty sessions on business modeling and scalable go-to-market strategies. Thanks to a long history of collaboration between Intel, Intel Labs Europe, and technology companies in the region, Intel’s IoT Ignition Lab in Istanbul is well on its way to improving the way we experience the world around us.

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