Digital Literacy Brings a Fresh Take on Entrepreneurship

While participating in Intel® She Will Connect and building digital literacy skills, women are inspired in different directions: pursuing further education, gaining new employment, or becoming entrepreneurs. Amatullah Muhammad Ayama created and started selling air fresheners. Yes, you heard that right, Amatullah is now a manufacturer of the fragrance emitting life-savers many depend on for home and office freshness.

Amatullah in the PIN Center where she participated in Intel She Will Connect.

But how did she get started in such a specialized profession? It all started when Amatullah completed digital literacy training through Intel She Will Connect, where she learned everything from how to navigate a computer to social media and Internet safety. After completing the program, she was invited to a “Learning Skills” social media group where each member shares personal knowledge on starting and running all kinds of businesses. With confidence in her newly acquired computer skills and excitement to continue to learn, she joined the online group and it was in this forum that Amatullah learned how air fresheners are produced.

Not being savvy on air freshener manufacturing ourselves, Amatullah gave us a lesson, “The ingredients used in making air freshener are ethanol, perfume, water, coloring, menthol, and formaldehyde. I learned the uses of these ingredients: formaldehyde serves as preservative, menthol as pest repellent, ethanol to dissolve the perfume, coloring to make it very attractive, and water is the universal solvent.”

Armed with her new connection to an online community and her growing product knowledge, Amatullah started producing and selling air fresheners in her area. She reflected on her journey sharing, “I am very happy because I have learned it and I am advising people to go and learn any type of business that is legal and also I am using this effort to thank Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) and Intel She Will Connect program for guiding me to the right path.”

With training, connectivity, and confidence Amatullah was able to start a business she could be proud of and shows us all how digital literacy and technology access leads to opportunity in many forms.

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