Education Rock Star

One of the most passionate advocates for education and its ability to change lives is Intel’s own Chairman of the Board, Craig Barrett. Yesterday we walked around the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Reno, Nevada, where Craig was rightly feted as the Intel ISEF Rock Star. He literally signed autographs and posed for pictures with dozens of people. After all the lights and cameras, Craig visited students at their projects to get a sampling of the amazing work being done around the world. The students explained their projects as he questioned how they worked, what inspired them to ask the questions that led to their research and, his infamous, “where do you plan to go to college?” The last question is usually a thinly veiled attempt to encourage them to attend Stanford.

One of the students he talked to was Amy David from Pinedale, Wyoming, whose research project studied how the brain is hit when a snow skier lands a jump. Amy is a competitive ski jumper and hopes to go to the Olympics one day. Check out Amy’s video here.

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  1. It is fantastic to see Intel support and encourage young people striving to make a difference. And many kudos to Amy David for explaining the joys of Extreme Skiing to Craig!

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