How to Spend Smart and Run Clean: Intel @Cleantech Forum

Did you know that over 70% of the total US electricity consumption in the US is in commercial and private real estate? And in designing those buildings, over 80% of the builders and architects use two-dimensional – or 2D – to design those buildings. I learned this yesterday in San Francisco at the Cleantech Forum during a keynote speech by Intel Chief Executive of Sales & Marketing, Sean Maloney. Sean’s theme was “Global Cooling” – and he highlighted some of the industries, such as construction or transportation, that have the greatest opportunity to run cleaner and smarter by tapping today’s technology and computing power.

Now back to building design. Sean showed the audience what can be done with 3D applications. And supercomputers not required! This stuff can be done on today’s PCs. Conventional mainstream computing power can help drive some substantial savings on building construction and significant energy savings and CO2 reductions. It’s a tool from Autodesk called “EcoTect” and you can check out the demo here: