A Few End-Of-The-Year CSR Predictions

Two things seem to be the staple of stories this time of year. Either a best/worst countdown of the last year, or a set of predictions for the new year. CSR is all about the latter, so I think we should focus there.

Last week, I was asked by InfoWorld to come up with a few green-tech predictions. Many contributors participated and had some interesting insight to that subject in the story.

But for this post, I’d like to focus on the broader CSR agenda. I also know there are many CSR/Sustainability experts that see this blog – so I’ll just start with a few to get the ball rolling and ask the readers to keep adding to the list.

Best Wishes for a successful, responsible and sustainable New Year.

-Large companies will continue to name Chief- Responsibility, Sustainability or Green Officers, but Boards will be slower to seek those skill sets among their director openings.

-G3 reports will grow in number, but be read by fewer and fewer people (think 10K). Other communication vehicles will proliferate.

-Green will continue to be the theme of 2008. Consumers and the press will struggle to determine what’s meaningful and what’s spin.

-At the same time, the focus on the development agenda may suffer as attention peaks on climate and energy.

-Lines will continue to blur between SRI and “mainstream” analysts led by Energy and the Environment.

-Business process integration will continue. Look for CSR performance ties to compensation as evidence.

Here’s where you add to the list or correct my predictions….

3 thoughts on “A Few End-Of-The-Year CSR Predictions

  1. Hello Dave,
    Green is good because it cares about anyone of us. My prediction in this relation – my Compact QWERTY Keyboard with 8 mm wide keys and the Cell PC project with 53×103 mm form factor will allow to work with the Mobile Internet without any hassle with zooming because any web site has two main components: menu and content – the Cell PC displays them separately: content and logo on the main display and menu and ads on the second display. That’s the new direction for the whole industry.
    Cell Computer Project
    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Dave,
    Could you give me your views on Intel pulling out of the One Laptop Per Child program. How do you feel it affects your CSR role with the company?
    All the best Mike

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