Going “Glocal” With a New Kind of CSR Report

I’m having a ball referring to the CSR report we launched in Israel last week as a “glocal” CSR report (English, Hebrew). Although, it’s not my invention, I think glocal is a great word because it does more than just combine global and local; it merges the two approaches into a single seamless concept. And that’s what we’ve done with the latest CSR Report from Israel: brought together all the various elements of both global and local corporate responsibility.


First, as a local operation of Intel Corporation in Israel, we were not obliged to publish our own report since Intel Corporation publishes a global CSR report according to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). But since only a few (actually, very few) companies in Israel publish full CSR reports, I see our “glocal” report as a competitive tool that will enhance our leadership position both locally and globally.

While the report, detailing our local activities, contributions and social responsibility vis-à-vis the Israeli community, was published in Hebrew to enable our local stakeholders to easily read it, I’m proud that I was able to keep the global flavor by including, of course, Intel’s corporate CSR vision and goals. Building on this, we added selected chapters that reflect Intel’s contribution to Israeli national causes, such as Road Safety.

It’s gratifying that respected community leaders appreciate our efforts. Momo Mehdev, Vice President of the Israeli business for social responsibility organization, Maala, says: “With the launch of the Intel’s Israel corporate responsibility report, Intel is joining the global trend that is also gaining momentum in Israel, We believe that the extent of the CSR reports published by commercial companies will keep increasing over the coming years, and this will serve to advance the Israeli economy.”

Finally, I absolutely have to mention another vote in favor of a fresh approach to CSR reporting, which comes from Intel’s Dave Stangis in the ‘Enviromental leader news’, who said that: “Annual CSR reports just don’t do the work anymore. First, just about every big company drafts one, and 80 percent of them look and sound the same.”

That’s as good a reason as any to be proud of our glocal CSR report, which I hope will usher in a new era of reporting on the localization of corporate responsibility.