Customized Tablets Just Fit Better

An off-the-rack suit may fit fine, but imagine the difference if a master-tailor made you a custom suit. You just took the leap from clothing to couture. So what does that have to do with tablet PCs?

I don’t think anyone would argue that a tablet is a fine piece of technology, but in the hands of a “master-tailor” (solution provider), that device can fit its user just as spectacularly as a hand-made suit.

Consider the difference a tailored device can make. By understanding the work that users need to get done and the way in which devices will be deployed, manufacturers are able to build customizable tablets that anticipate and adapt to the environments in which they will operate. When you add software and peripherals that are fully compatible with x86 architecture and apps, integration with existing infrastructures becomes seamless.

Imagine how much happier your customers are when the solution is a custom fit: A sales associate can swipe a credit card through an attached POS reader on his tablet without ever leaving the customer’s side; a nurse can consult a patient’s records to avoid potentially harmful drug interactions, then sanitize the device before she moves to the next patient; an auto mechanic can run engine diagnostics, check for parts or submit an insurance claim right there in the garage. It’s like adding the perfect silk tie and pocket-square to complete the look.


Herein lies your opportunity. The future is customization in everything from phones to ads.  When you identify the needs, not just the wants, of your clients, and build customized solutions instead of good enough, off-the-rack pieces, you’re adding value that customers will happily pay for.


And by the way, Enterprise and SMB customers alike are adopting tablets at amazing rates. Someone is going to capitalize on this opportunity. Why not you?


Delivering this kind of superior product and service is easier than you may think.  Intel-based tablets with support for Windows, Linux, and Android form the basis for business-ready, flexible platforms that allow you to customize with software and peripherals to create solutions that intelligently adapt to the perfect fit.


We at Intel are excited to be working with innovative partners who are expertly tailoring solutions for their customers’ vertical segments and workflows. Take a look at some partners who can help you get jumpstarted selling customized tablet solutions in vertical markets like retail, hospitality, law enforcement, field service, gaming, healthcare, and others.

Look under the hood of GammaTech Durabook

TabletKiosk serves up appetizing POS solutions  

Mobile workforces run with Motion Computing

The Intel ecosystem is rich with channel-friendly partners like these who can help you capture the growth opportunity inherent in the customizable tablet PC arena. From durable, to rough-and-ready, ruggedized devices in various sizes and configurations, these partners can build and customize complete solutions for you to resell, or you can start with a building block and add your own software, applications, and services.


Either way, with customizable Intel-based tablets, you’ll be outfitting your customers with the devices, integrated solutions, and services uniquely tailored to their needs and wants.


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