The Third Eye View

The third eye (also known as the ugly eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight in certain dharmic spiritual traditions such as Hinduism. In simple English it gives the perception beyond the ordinary view our eyes can provide us. In this blog I am pondering the abilities I can get in the realm of computers with the tools I already have, the Internet and the Cloud. It’s hard to imagine what can be achieved if this perception becomes reality in the computer world.

With everything being Internet and Cloud, in near future I can envision everything and anything can be put on cloud and be accessible anytime, anywhere. What if your computer screen (aka display) becomes a resource that can be discovered over the internet and be added to the things you see. And what if you can merge multiple source computers to that view? Sounds like multiple remote desktop connections correct? But no, this third eye view provides you a view more than what an remote desktop session can show you. It’s seeing displays from multiple source computers in real time not as separate windows but in the same screen without any lines/borders. That’s a powerful view and the capabilities are endless. Few instances:

In my home I would love to have my third eye view to be shown on my living room TV. I would call this as a family wall. On this wall, I can in real time see what’s happening on the 4 family members’ devices. I can share the pictures I took on my device with my husband at work and watch him edit in his favorite app until I am satisfied. At the same time I can watch my children’s assignments and work on family’s to-do list just like below:

Another instance, all family members can participate in fun family games that includes their individual electronic devices. The challenge for the family members is to not only create a drawing that works on its own, but also as a whole. In other words what they’ve drawn at the edges of their screen need to line up with the edges of their neighboring screen similar to how an Exquisite Corpse works.

For more immersive experience while we are on the go in a camping trip, I can just stack all mobile devices of the family members to form a square and I can suddenly span the movie I was watching on just my device to all 4 devices or 5 devices like below. In this third eye view the video is so perfectly synchronized that it looks like one single large display.

Tell me more what would you do with this third eye view?

Divya Kolar

About Divya Kolar

Divya Kolar holds a M.S in Computer Science conferred in 2006 from Portland State University. She joined Intel in 2005 and has previously worked as a Software Engineer where she was an active researcher in various security and manageability technologies like Intel® Active Management Technology. Today she is a Vision Strategist in the Intel’s largest research group and is responsible to promote Intel technologies to external media partners besides performing ecosystem enabling and competitive technology analysis for Intel Labs’ microprocessor research. Besides her responsibilities at Intel she has always been enthusiastic in promoting and encouraging young adults to stay in computing. She is an active board member for the largest women employee group at Intel and has been an active member in Anita Borg Institute and local SWE chapters since 2007 and has conducted multiple presentations at these conferences for over 5 years.

3 Responses to The Third Eye View

  1. Anil says:

    Analysis ? from different users around the world!
    Like one drags his ideas and other modifies it and put it back ?

    if it has ability to share not only screen but also files then I would want to share music, snaps etc.

    Technically, there was one such thing on television technology already and in Intel itself (dual display, extending screen) for monitoring stuff.

  2. Qingfeng Zhu says:

    Thanks for sharing the inspiring technologies!
    I think this technology has big potential application in Oilfield Service industry, where integration of multiple data and visualization needed for real-time interpretation and collaborations. I have a project ongoing can be a pilot application for Daas. Would you please contact me back, to discuss more details? Thanks!

  3. s.mcknight says:

    A fascinating study…Thank You. The intersection of hardware, software, and human/computer interaction is about to become very, very interesting.