The Future of Knowledge Work

The world is changing dramatically, both expanding and contracting in ways that will have a significant impact on everyday life.  Old models of work already in flux will seemingly dissolve as new models rise in their place.   People working in 2025 may view today’s work life as differently as we perceive the office life of the 1800’s.  The intent of this paper is to identify trends likely to shape The Future of Work, and seed the reader with information and ideas to imagine the future that is rushing towards us.

Intel Labs White Paper: The Future of Knowledge Work

Vu Nguyen

About Vu Nguyen

Vu Nguyen is a Technology Evangelism Manager in Intel Labs working to increase industry awareness of Intel’s future technology research and vision. Currently he works to evangelize the latest trends, strategies, and advancements in areas such as Worry-Free Computing, the Future of Transportation, Context-Aware Computing and Immersive Experience research.

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