Editor’s App Picks February 2014: The Best of SYAP

Here at the Intel Developer Zone, we’ve launched an exciting platform called the “Share Your App Project”, a great way for interested developers to share what they’re working on with the greater developer community. Every month, we plan to recognize a few apps for innovation, creativity, and intuitive and interesting use of technology. If this sounds intriguing to you, and you’d like to get more information, visit the Share Your App page and let us know what you’re working on right now.

In January’s Editor’s App Picks, we looked at Beatify, Nika Digital, Babylonian Twins, AdviceMAMA, and Hammerfield.  In this month’s Editor’s Picks, we’re going to take a look at six very different projects: Hostel HookApp, Grace, Big Mountain Snowboarding, Fond d’ecran-Fleurs tombantes, Greedy Grub, and 3D Human Anatomy.

Published Projects


About this app: Grace is a Native Android App which enables you to learn anywhere anytime MOOCs and videos from top Organizations, Universities and thought leaders ( Such as MIT, Stanford, Udacity, Coursera, Khan Academy ) and brings the learning experience to your living room using Intel WiDi. 

Stand-out features include:

1. Mobile enablement of MOOC courses

2. Multiscreen device experience

3. First class living room experience for learning using Intel WiDi technology

4. Learn on the move from Mobile and then continue on big screen in your living room

5. Notes for the videos – take notes for learning videos from the tablet or smartphone while watching videos (in device or living room TV)

6. Inbuilt Wikipedia for easy reference

Editor’s Notes: The use of Intel WiDi technology in this app is especially useful for students looking to interact with classes online.

Big Mountain Snowboarding

About this app: Realistic 3d snowboarding for android. Ride 16 huge trails each featuring a real mountain feel. Race to the bottom, slalom between the gates, or rack up big points with spins and grabs. / Each trail is a different challenge with multiple ways down the mountain. Features trick parks, race courses, and big mountain cliffs. Tilt to turn, lift to jump, and touch the screen to grab your board or to tuck. / Optimized for tablets, but we also support older phones 2.2 and above. Supports Google Play Games Services.

Editor’s Notes: Smooth gameplay (as seen in the video above) make this a don’t miss download.

Fond d’ecran-Fleurs tombantes

About this app: Animated wallpaper based on “Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai” (aka: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day). The flowers change color and direction when the device is charging.

Greedy Grub

About this app: Welcome to Greedy Grub! The Magic Forest was destroyed after a very rough winter but spring is here and a new cycle can begin… Are you ready to replant the whole Forest? Embody Grub, a young worm promoted Assistant Mayor, and plant dozens of amazing and wonderful trees to restore the forest to its original splendor. Greedy Grub is a simulation game where the player needs to replant a forest, accomplish quests given by the villagers and resolve the mystery of the Eye Tree.

Editor’s Notes: Winner of the Paris Android Code Fest, this app has standout graphics and is a pleasure to play.

3D Human Anatomy

About this app: A true and totally 3D app for learning human anatomy with 3D position quiz, built on an advanced interactive 3D touch interface (Unity3D). This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used for any professional who needs the occasional reminder. Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas to their patients or students – helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments and injuries.


·          You can rotate models to any angle and zoom in and out

·          Virtual dissection: Peel layers of muscles and reveal the anatomical structures below them.

·          3D location quizzes to test your knowledge

·         Search the name of anatomical structure and reveal the 3D location

·          Switch on/off different anatomy systems

·          Both male and female reproductive systems are available

·          Load and Save Views (bookmaker function)

·          Information from Wikipedia and Gray’s anatomy textbook

·         Skeleton (all bones in our body)


Editor’s Notes: The use of 3D in this anatomy app makes it a must-have for students.

Projects Under Development

Hostel HookApp

Hostel Hook App is a platform based on the Android Mobile Application as well as an interactive website that will help students to find and reserve rooms in hostels of their choice near their respective universities online and make periodic payments.

What it offers:

·         Online booking of rooms by university students from the comfort of their homes

·         Securing of rooms and accommodation of their choice by tenants

·         Easy pay service for rent

·         Advertising and listing of new rentals and accommodation areas for landlords

·         Ideal rooms and accommodation services by students on trips

·         Platform to compare rent charges, rentals location and services


The Hostel Hook-App is a platform that provides for both the Android mobile phone users and an interactive website that users mostly students will download to their phones or visit the website and be able to make reservations in advance in their preferred hostels and apartments online from the comfort of home as opposed to travelling all the way to find these hostels physically and make reservations.

Editor’s Notes: The developer behind this app is using the Intel XDK to build it out, and is actively looking for beta testers. Leave a comment on the app project page if you’re interested in helping out. 

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Developer apps to look forward to at MWC – Part 2

Yesterday, we got our first look at developers who will be showcased at Mobile World Congress, happening next week, February 24-27. Thousands of technologically minded people from all around the world will be congregating in Barcelona, Spain for this event. We’re excited to showcase and discover talent from developers who excel at creating quality applications or early innovation around new Intel products.  While we will certainly be showing a number of name brand demos, we also want to spotlight these up and coming developers.  For more information and demo schedules, visit

Discover new emotions with Autimo

This Android app from Auticiel was designed specifically to help people with cognitive impairments learn to identify the emotions and expressions of the face through three activities (pairs, intruders, riddle) and with many pictures. This app is fantastic for special needs populations, but also works well for anyone who wants to learn to be more intuitive with interpersonal relationships.

Get going with Lanica tools for mobile game development

Lanica’s innovative platform gives JavaScript developers the ability to create cross-platform games for mobile devices. Watch the video below for more information:

Build cross-platform C++ games with the Marmalade SDK

From the Marmalade official site description: “The Marmalade SDK offers a powerful cross platform tool that enables developers to deploy code across multiple platforms and devices from a single code base. At the core of Marmalade is the C++ SDK which provides developers with the maximum performance and flexibility. Marmalade Quick, Web Marmalade and Marmalade Juice all build on top of the Marmalade C++ SDK but provide alternative solutions for developers who prefer to use Lua, HTML or Objective-C.”

Add RealSense to FPS games with FPS Reloaded

Developer Lee Bamber of The Game Creators has put together a fantastic kit titled FPS Creator Reloaded for creating first person shooter games. Features include large game levels, terrain editors, a robust rendering engine, and the ability to make very realistic characters. More in the video teaser below:

Code once, deploy to many with the App Game Kit

The App Game Kit gets to the heart of the problems faced with form factor segmentation. With this unique programming tool,  developers can code their games once and then deploy them to multiple platforms:

“AGK was developed out of our own need to create a one stop solution for making game apps for mobile devices. In the past TGC had developed games for one device and then wanted to port them to other platforms. The process of conversion was costly and repetitive. The team wanted to spend more time creating new games and not burdened with laborious conversion work.” – “About AGK”, App Game Kit

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a simple wack-a-mole type game with the App Game Kit:

Helpful robots

Developer Martin Wojtczyk created a robot with RealSense technology titled Leonardo1 in partnership with Bayer Healthcare and TU München. More from the About page:

“When a company replaces humans with robots, workers can take up more advanced or fulfilling jobs given the proper training, companies can see increased production, and consumers may experience lower prices as a result of operating efficiency.  Workers are no longer bound to a job that can cause permanent injuries, freeing them to explore whatever it is they were placed on this earth to be. Not just to be “two legs and two hands” to labor but to create and express.”

Gaming console, powered by Android

Christopher Price of offers a game console powered by Android with a Haswell processor and IRIS graphics that also supports Steam OS.

Simply community with SmartNotify

Developer Gregory Menveille has developed an HTML5 app that helps you evaluate the best channels to broadcast your messages

“There is a communication storm brewing: Phone, SMS, Email, Social…the number of ways we are interrupted throughout the day is ever increasing and it’s getting harder and harder for people to do their job and costs tons of time and money. It is also becoming harder and harder to communicate properly with others:  Which communication channel should you use, when? SmartNotify helps you communicate better.  We have a nice algorithm that will protect you from non-stop inbound distractions, and we can give you lots of insights as to which channels to use to best communicate with your audience. We save our customers thousands of dollars each year.”

365 Camera app with intelligent features

An Android app from ArcSoft, Perfect365,  allows users to experiment with and add new hairstyles to any photo:

“A user simply snaps a “selfie” or uploads a photo from their camera roll and ArcSoft’s industry-leading facial feature detection technology does the rest, automatically locating a person’s eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and hairline. This allows people to play with their look by doing things like: instantly changing eye color or the shape of their face, removing blemishes and under-eye circles, softening skin and whitening teeth, and even fixing a bad hair day. The end result is a professionally re-touched photo in just one tap. The app is powered by the facial detection technology ArcSoft has been developing for almost 20 years.”

Defeat the Evil Overload with the Generator

Developer Fidel Thomet has created a RealSense-based game based on a short science fiction adventure:

“As the Evil Overlord’s right-hand minion, the player has to steal an artefact called “the Generator” from the opposing party. It is the player’s choice to either sneak and leave the space station without being seen or to fight his way through to accomplish his mission as fast as possible. To achieve victory, the player has to navigate through the space station, solve various puzzles and master quicktime events to find the Generator and get back to his spaceship to return the artefact to his Overlord. The focus lies on creating a fun and entertaining experience for the players. Nevertheless, we are implementing different kinds of gestures for different situations (navigating, solving puzzles or reacting to quicktime events). “

Watch the video below for a short demonstration:

Control the Catcher

Developer Aditya Anwar created a RealSense green game:

“This is a game where you control the Dustman to catch the throwing garbage and put it to a specific type of trash bins; But be careful don’t catch something that you can not catch :) The game uses both gestures and face analysis. We develop this game beside for having fun but also to teach people to dispose trash in its place and help the environment.”

Watch the video below for a demo:

Become a wizard with Head of the Order

Developer Jacob Pennock of Unicorn Forest Games gives us all the ability to explore our inner Harry Potter with this innovative RealSense spell casting game:

“Players face off tournament style and use gestures to create magic spells which they can cast at each other or defend themselves with. To cast a spell, the player will raise a single finger, and draw a stroke based gesture which corresponds to a particular spell. Beyond single stroke based gestures, the game features a deep level of gestural interaction. After creating spells, they can be juggled from hand to hand, tossed, or combined in various ways. Players can also perform specific sequences of multistroke gestures to cast more elaborate spells. We want to give the player the feeling that they are learning how to do magic. It highlights the possible depth of gestural interaction and it’s effect on emerging gameplay mechanics, as well as provide as much enjoyment for the player as possible.”

Check out the demo below:

Create graphics with movement

Developer Shunsuke Nakamura, Grand Prize winner of the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge, developed Kagura, an innovative app that actually creates music from your dance:

“This application creates music and graphics by detecting user’s motion. Users don’t play the musical instruments, they just move their body parts, and play music and produce graphics. It generates new ways of performing music with visual effects. You can also change your voice to a musical instrument, arrange the tempo of music, and where to put the sounds on the screen. The base system (like I/O of devices, image processing, sound processing) are written in C++, and the contents (like graphics, sounds, motion, effects, and interactions) are written in Lua. This App uses default audio device, and sampling frequency is 22050Hz. OpenGL to used to draw all graphics.”

More in the demo below:

Explore other worlds with Finger Surfing

Developer Anton Gurgu developed a RealSense app that gives some pretty impressive universal gameplay:

“A “spaceship” that would surf at lightning speeds over created spaceways. The spaceways differ in speeds and lengths. Debris and solid blocks are on tracks and the user has to find their way through these . Bonus speeds and armor can also be taken. The first levels are easy with two tracks and a relatively empty spaceway. As the game progresses, the spaceway gets larger with more lanes, while the speed gets higher and more debris are on the way to finish.”

More in the demo below:

“I don’t wanna work, just wanna play on the drums all day”

Get your inner drummer on with Drummer, a RealSense app developed by Stefan Sadchikov:

“The application is a music synthesizer that will allow to create drum sounds using gestures and head tilts, playing “imaginary drums”. User’s hands (hand cursors) are rendered on the screen along with the drums, which may be selected from the slide-menu (all musical instruments are configured via external file and can be added and modified at will). Instruments are played when hand cursors collide with them (cursors are tracked after user’s hands). Rythm bar for each instrument is displayed on the center of the screen and may be written to external file (as text). All controlls over the application are performed with gestures – Moving instruments around, adding new ones, navigating drum menu, recording tracks.”

More in the demo below:

All of these demos and many more will be on hand at Mobile World Congress next week. Stop by and see us; we’d love to connect with you!


















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