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Preparing for Barcelona…

… Barcelona the city, that is, and the show formerly known as the 3GSM World Congress (now Mobile World Congress) that will descend there shortly. I’m quite happy to see that Intel is using the technology of one of it’s … Read more >

Automobile Convergence with Consumer Electronics

There were many big automotive names in today’s “Connect2Car: The Automobile’s Convergence with Consumer Electronics” CES session including BMW, Chrysler, Ford, and Garmin. The panel discussed how to effectively integrate music, movies, GPS, phones, location-based services, automatic 911 calls, and … Read more >

Keynote talks are not keynote talks.

Professor Chung-Ming Huang, distinguished professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Cheng Kung University sent us his reactions to yestyerday’s IDF Taipei keynotes: Keynote talks are not keynote talks. They are fantastic live talk shows … Read more >