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The Compute Continuum in Action: South Africa

At Intel, we’re in the business of expanding what we call the “Compute Continuum” – which is to say, we are constantly looking for ways to make connected devices work better, and work better together. Understanding how people are currently … Read more >

Stay Tuned

Watching TV with people has been a lifelong habit of mine. My grandparents always had a TV, for sports and for the soaps, and upgraded to color with the invention of one day cricket. A trip to my grandparent’s house … Read more >

Getting our ‘Gadget Game’ on

A defining tenet of the User Experience Group holds that to truly drive user-centered technology development, we must look beyond our own experiences to understand how people around the world live and how they use technology. We are not our … Read more >

Here’s to waking up every morning…to coffee, hot dosas, a plush couch and news from the Internet on TV (and I do mean all at the same time)

We recently conducted a series of demo show events internally across Intel and externally for analysts, showcasing how we’re re-imagining the TV from yesterday to Smart TVs with amazing user experiences moving forward. The response has been overwhelming and we’re … Read more >

Driving people-focused innovation with a Usage Roadmap

For years, Intel has attempted to understand consumers better, and what will give Intel the WOW factor with today’s fast moving consumer base. Over the last 5 years, my team has created a process to really get at the heart … Read more >