Stefan Wolff

Stefan Wolff is vice president of the Product Engineering Group and chief operating officer of the Wireless Platform R&D. Until November 2013 he served as general manager of Multicommunications in the Mobile and Communications Group. Wolff joined Intel in 2011 through the acquisition of Infineon's Wireless. For the first years at Siemens Semiconductor prior to the Infineon spin off, Wolff headed Marketing for Cellular Radio Transceivers. He took over Radio Engineering for Mobile Phones and built a new site at Siemens Mobile Phones in San Diego in 2000. In 2003, Wolff transferred to Infineon as vice president Marketing for Mobile Platforms. He became vice president and general manager of Infineon's RF Business Unit in 2005, where he lead engineering, marketing and business development of all Cellular Radio transceivers, components, and systems. Wolff took over the 3G baseband and platform business as vice president and general manager of Smartphones & RF in 2009. Prior to Siemens, Wolff held development and marketing functions at Robert Bosch and Omecon Electronics. Wolff holds an Electronic Engineering degree from University of Applied Science, Berlin.