Rao Yallapragada

Rao Yallapragada is a Director of Advanced Technologies at Intel Corporation with a primary focus on technology advocacy and industry coalition building for 5th Generation of Wireless Communications. He is a wireless industry veteran with a broad based experience ranging from technology innovation to competitive strategy and market development. Rao is leading several industry engagements and as a board member of 5G Americas and CBRS Alliance, he is actively driving Intel’s positioning of 5G communications in the wireless industry. Previously, as part of Qualcomm’s Strategy and Marketing efforts, Dr. Yallapragada led the commercialization and worldwide adoption efforts of CDMA, HSPA and LTE technologies and products. Dr. Yallapragada also held several technical leadership positions in Qualcomm in the areas of Wireless system design and development. He led system engineering efforts for the first High Data Rate CDMA2000 EV-DO Mobile Station and Base Station ASICs. In a project engineering role, Dr. Yallapragada led the development of Globalstar 48-satellite LEO Mobile communication systems and CDMA Commercial Base Stations. Dr. Yallapragada published several academic papers and holds several patents in wireless communications. Dr. Yallapragada received his PhD and Masters in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta and holds a MBA from University of Southern California.