The Evolution of Media: Experience the Visual Cloud at Mobile World Congress

Media is undergoing a rapid evolution—an evolution that leaps well beyond traditional streaming of content over the living room television. The content is becoming richer and much more interactive. It’s created by both studios and content owners as well as individuals who share their creations with a wide range of audiences. Additionally, it’s delivered globally and often with increasing intelligence or personalization. We are moving from passive consumption of media to highly interactive and intelligent visual experiences that encompass services like media analytics, immersive media, cloud graphics and cloud gaming, in addition to the traditional media processing and delivery.

Fueling the fire of innovation, 5G and edge computing will enable amazingly rich user experiences and unleash an entirely new generation of highly immersive and intelligent visual experiences. While Media will remain the underpinnings of Visual Cloud, the term ‘media’ no longer encompasses its true potential or the challenges we need to overcome. This massive leap forward in the next generation of media and entertainment technologies is enabled by the Visual Cloud.

Visual Cloud refers to a set of capabilities required to enable visual experiences of tomorrow which will be highly interactive, remotely consumed, compute-intensive, and visually stunning with end to end intelligence built in. This requires an agile, comprehensive infrastructure that is comprised of on-demand cloud, advanced networks, and the smart edge. Intel is working with partners across the globe to proliferate compelling, cost-effective solutions for media and entertainment creators to deploy 5G-enabled Visual Cloud services and enriched experiences.

The Visual Cloud is Media Transformed

Whether empowering consumers to explore new worlds in VR, AR, or mixed reality, remotely work with co-workers to design and build cutting-edge products or enjoy an unimaginably realistic interactive movie on the go, the opportunities to invent and monetize new products and services through the Visual Cloud are boundless.

Made up of a set of emerging capabilities designed to enable deep visual understanding right from the network edge, the Visual Cloud extends intelligent visual experiences everywhere: untethered gaming, live streaming HD content, AR/VR, and cross-enterprise collaborations in near real time, on-demand, over Intel-powered 5G networks and platforms.

The Visual Cloud will reinvent media as we know it for consumers and businesses. With 5G, the future holds entirely new dimensions of intelligent and enriched visual experiences, unbounded creativity and customized content, and communities of collaborative and hands-on storytelling—all without device, quality, or geographic limitations.

5G Brings the Visual Cloud to New Heights

Visual Cloud is one of the top use cases for 5G because of its wireless gigabit speeds and ultra-low latency potential. The Visual Cloud and 5G provide an opportunity to change the way we create, consume, and share content. The new wave of media and entertainment will require an advanced network with intelligence and processing at the edge as well as in the cloud. For business use cases, cloud graphics-enabled emerging technology will leverage evolved 5G network capabilities to render highly complex images for 3D modeling or remote desktops and empower in-depth media analytics.

To reach the next stage, the Visual Cloud will require agile, scalable, end-to-end 5G network infrastructure along with use of the network edge to empower the innovation and rapid deployment of enriched user experiences that require quick response time, analytics, and processing. Intel has been at the forefront of making 5G a reality since the beginning, and we are now bringing the Visual Cloud to life at Mobile World Congress Barcelona with four compelling demos for visitors to experience firsthand.

  1. The first demo delivers a unique point of view through the Spider-Man suit for a multiplayer, multi-booth (Intel and Nokia*), 360-degree VR experience over a 5G 28GHz mmWave connection using premium content from the upcoming Sony Pictures* film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, coming in July. With 5G-enabled fiber-like connectivity to cloud content and visual computing resources, the attendee will experience an immersive race through NYC with stunning graphics and ultra-low latency.
  2. In partnership with USC*, Warner Bros.*, AT&T*, and Ericsson*, the first demo places the user in a 5G-powered mixed-reality experience, where they help Batman defeat Scarecrow, while surrounded by virtual objects anchored to their physical location. The demonstration, the world’s first 5G edge computing, Mixed Reality, location-based entertainment experience, demonstrates the potential of 5G, edge computing, and the Visual Cloud to enable intelligent visual experiences anywhere.
  3. The third demo, a partnership between Intel and Tencent*, enables attendees to experience hands-on, cable-free interactive cloud-based gaming with exceptional, complex graphics on a mobile device over a 28Ghz mmWave 5G connection—no need for console or download. The connection is backed by Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel FlexRAN reference architecture software and Intel® Silicon Photonics for powerful, low-latency processing. The experience shows how 5G will transform cloud gaming, enabling game play of mainstream and AAA grade titles from virtually any device, any location, at high-quality and without delay.
  4. Lastly, the fourth demo will empower attendees to experience MWC from great heights through an immersive VR headset with a 360° 8K live feed delivered over a 5G New Radio (NR) network connection supported by Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel FlexRAN reference architecture software and Intel® Silicon Photonics high-speed optical connectivity. In partnership with Tiledmedia*, the real-time, low-latency experience showcases how Tiled streaming can deliver high-resolution content at 25% of the traditional bandwidth, unlocking potential event producers and mobile operators to proliferate immersive, live-event media for concerts and sports games with front-row, in-the-action vantage points.

The Future is Visual

Media performance, delivery, and intelligence will combine to create new dimensions of consumer experiences and business opportunities. With rich content that is immersive and interactive, increased intelligence, and global delivery over transformed 5G networks, the Visual Cloud will fundamentally reshape the landscape of digital media to the benefit of media and entertainment companies and consumers alike.

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*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.