PC Gaming is Booming!

Here’s an amazing statistic: Earth’s population has reached nearly 7.5 billion people—and 1.3 billion of them are PC gamers!The Intel Extreme Masters eSports tournament alone attracts 100,000 live spectators to an arena, with over a million additional online viewers/participants. So to say that worldwide gaming is a serious business with strong growth potential would be a significant understatement.

That’s why Intel’s newest advancements, including VR enhancements and innovations for game streaming, are so groundbreaking. By creating better ways for players to connect with one another (while feeling even more immersed in the game environment itself) Intel is moving gaming to the next level and giving gamers a more interactive and inclusive experience—no matter who they are or where in the world they may be.

Here are some of the innovations we’re excited to present at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week in San Francisco.

Skull CanyonA new NUC for gamers—Skull Canyon  The new Intel NUC kit (Skull Canyon), a mini PC with a 45-watt, quad-core 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and Intel Iris Pro graphics, unleashes maximized performance for intense game play and intensive workloads. Equipped with Intel Iris Pro graphics and Thunderbolt 3—for connection to 4K displays, high-speed storage, and other devices—the Skull Canyon kit enables the DIY gaming enthusiast to easily create a highly customizable, transportable, and immersive experience, with vividly rendered, seamless 3D gameplay. The Thunderbolt 3 NUC also boosts graphics performance when connected to high-end external graphics cards through a device such as the new Razer Core*. The new Intel NUC kit will be available for preorder from Newegg.com in just a few weeks.

Getting “VR Ready”  Introducing new technologies—like VR—imposes new demands on the entire computing platform. Components such as the CPU, GPU, storage, memory, I/O, display, and audio must work together seamlessly to create a great user experience. That’s why Intel is working closely with our OEM partners at Oculus* and Valve* to make a broad set of tested, VR-capable systems available. To that end, we are launching “VR Ready”, an initiative to help gamers find the right PC for the VR experience they want to enjoy.

Intel RealSense technology   Innovation happens on the PC platform first, and at this year’s GDC we’re showing developers and partners how to take full advantage of Intel’s RealSense technology: native background removal; video chat with background removal in games; scanning, manipulating, and importing objects into games; and creating characters from 3D scans of players serve to enhance and customize the gaming experience. Game developers can also tap into the explosion of eSports and Twitch*, which have revolutionized game streaming with over 100 million unique monthly active users worldwide viewing over 20 billion minutes per month.Real Sense usages GDC blog

Iris graphics  Compared to a five-year-old PC, the 6th Gen Core processors with new Iris graphics have up to 3.2x higher CPU and 50x higher graphics performance, as well as stunning new 4K video and display features.3  To help gamers get the most out of Intel graphics, we’ve started gameplay.Intel.com, which ensures that gamers know how to configure their games for the best possible experience. Based on the many games we’ve tested and the settings we’ve captured, the site is able to detect Intel CPU’s and their graphics configurations in order to recommend optimal settings for more than one hundred recent games.

Diversity in Gaming    Fostering diversity, along with a safe environment for all gamers, continues to be important to Intel. As part of our broader efforts, we’re taking steps to make gaming more inclusive, diverse, and harassment free. We fully support AnyKey*, a new organization founded by ESL* that promotes diversity in gaming through a fair and inclusive environment for women and underrepresented gamers. At CES this year, Intel announced a collaboration with Vox Media*, Re/code*, and Born This Way Foundation* to co-create Hack Harassment, a new, collaborative initiative to fight online harassment and provide safer, more inclusive online experiences.

The best part of technological innovation is how it enables you to create the kind of uniquely amazing experiences you imagine. And Intel is proud to be able to help gamers from anywhere in the world come together through rich and exciting new game spaces.

Have a great GDC!


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