Intel Teams up with Open Labs, Lenovo and Linkin Park to Drive High-Performance Music Creation

Last year, I had a musical experience of a lifetime.

I was sitting in the the famed Red Bull studios in Santa Monica, talking with members of Grammy-award winning band Linkin Park.

Star-struck, yes. But my focus wasn’t on their music or their well-known love of technology.   Instead we were focused Zayed Hassan, a young man from Bangladesh who had won the chance to spend a day in the studio with Linkin Park, creating new sounds for the music he had created on his PC.Linkin-Park-and-Stagelight-Contest-Display-Ad-300-X-600

We are about to re-create that experience for someone else this year.

Starting today Open Labs, with support from Linkin Park, Intel, and Lenovo will launch a 12-month contest that will spotlight creative music enthusiasts, giving them the chance to win, like Zayed, a mentoring session in studio with the band.  Submitters—unsigned artists who create an original track for the contest—can upload their compilations to the Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II website,*

Each month focuses on a different music genre, therefore, any artist, regardless of style, can participate and win. Every month one first-place winner and one second-place winner will be announced. At the end of the contest—out of the monthly first-place winners—one grand prize winner will be chosen. The grand prize winner will spend the day in the studio with Linkin Park. They will also receive a technology package featuring a high-end Intel® Core™ i7 processor based Lenovo desktop system and enough gear to attain the ultimate studio experience in their own home.

A generation ago, a contest like this was impossible to conceive. But technology has made this the golden age for independent musical artists who want to innovate. Desktop PCs have never been more powerful and creative tools for music innovation. They offer the performance, storage and screen size needed for mixing multiple (sometimes dozens or even hundreds) of audio tracks. Intel is forging new frontiers in music, and, as a result deepening its connection to music technology as a whole.

Working with Linkin Park and getting to know the band has been an incredible experience. They love technology and have an amazing following among artists, gamers, and technophiles. What I’ve learned from our friends and partners at Linkin Park and Open Labs is that the power of creativity, combined with current technology—fast processors and great software—is overwhelming. This power will unleash the potential of current and future musicians and hit makers.

With so many musicians eager to create and be heard, Intel is extremely excited to work alongside Open Labs, Lenovo and Linkin Park to bring music creativity to a bigger stage.

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to individuals who are 13 years or older. Enter by: 3/31/17. To enter and for Official Rules, including prize descriptions, visit Void where prohibited.  121 Contest Prizes and 55 Sweepstakes prizes (approximate retail values from $10 USD to $5,000 USD) available to be won.  If Canadian resident wins a Sweepstakes prize, mathematical skill-testing question must be correctly answered to win.

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