Intel Acquires Saffron for Cognitive Computing

Intel acquires Saffron for cognitive computing
Intel acquires Saffron for cognitive computing

One of the exciting advancements in computer science is the emergence of cognitive computing – software that combines the power of computing with brain-like intelligence to solve and even anticipate complex problems.

That’s why I’m excited to share that Intel has acquired Saffron, a leading cognitive computing platform provider. Saffron’s unique technology ingests data from disparate sources and automatically connects the dots to help businesses of all kinds improve decision-making. With offices in Cary, North Carolina and Silicon Valley, Saffron’s growing customer base spans industries including: aerospace, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing. Businesses are using Saffron’s technology to anticipate market trends, optimize processes, mitigate risk, personalize customer experiences and find new revenue streams.

Saffron offers a fresh look at big data analytics. We see an opportunity to apply cognitive computing not only to high-powered servers crunching enterprise data, but also to new consumer devices that need to see, sense and interpret complex information in real time. Big data can happen on small devices, as long as they’re smart enough and connected. Saffron’s technology, deployed on small devices, can make intelligent local analytics possible in the Internet of Things.

As part of Intel’s New Devices Group, Saffron will continue growing its existing, standalone business as well as contribute its technology to Intel efforts and platforms spanning new devices, big data, cyber security, healthcare and IOT.

Josh Walden is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s New Technology Group