Transforming In-Home Media

SPD identity sampleA quick review of the IBC 2015 conference themes sharply illustrates the dramatic changes taking place in entertainment media creation and delivery. It’s all about the changing rules of broadcasting, emergence of digital-first content providers, new expectations for the types of services available and the consumer’s power to pick and choose both what they watch and the platform they use for viewing. In short, this is not your father’s media industry.

Today we continue to accelerate the transformation of the home broadband experience with the announcement of the Intel® AnyWAN™ GRX550 network processor.

With the digitization and disaggregation of content, producers are seeking new ways to profitably deliver product to consumers. In turn, broadband service providers are challenged to balance the need to protect digital content from piracy while giving consumers the means to enjoy content anytime and anywhere. Fortunately, as technology advances have created access to a practically unlimited number of channels, the power of Moore’s Law is making it possible to manage the myriad demands of the value chain and provide end consumers with an easy-to-use, richly satisfying experience, all while minimizing capital and operating costs.

Blazing fast home network performance starts with unsurpassed packet processing for data streams from point of entry into the home to any and all devices a consumer uses to view content, surf the net, and manage their own in-home network. But that’s just the start. Intel Connected Home SoCs (System on Chip) are architected to separate packet handling from application processing, with multiple independent processors available to service the requirements of providers and consumers. Quality-of-Service (QoS) is addressed for both wired and Wi-Fi data streams with support of intelligent packet handling and full-offload of data streams. Hardware virtualization to protect applications and data, carrier-grade deep packet inspection and dedicated security co-processors (Trusted Boot and Trusted Execution Environment) are among the menu of integrated features to manage security of content across all platforms.

For telco service providers, GRX550 extends the proven AnyWAN product family to new levels of throughput while handling any copper, hybrid or pure fiber broadband access network link. It is also the first device in our network processor family available with pre-integrated software to manage secure distribution of encrypted content to any platform, regardless of the Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme used on the specific device.

Secure, multi-platform streaming using Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) defined UPnP or transcoding alternatives is on the requirements checklist for today’s most advanced home gateways. So is superb Wi-Fi performance. The GRX550 rises to this challenge with zero-load processing of multiple Wi-Fi streams in both the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz 802.11x bandwidths. For ultimate performance, the network processor is optimized to take full advantage of the wave forming technology in the Intel® XWAY™ WAV500 802.11ac SoC to deliver true Gigabit-class Wi-Fi service.

In the short time since we formed the Connected Home Division, Intel’s industry partners have already been given a view of how we are Better Together. With support for every broadband access technology and a comprehensive portfolio of voice, data and media technology, we and our customers are poised to redefine home networking in a way that transforms people’s lives.