Family Skill Swap

The meaning of “life skills” changes from generation to generation, and what was once considered a paramount talent is now an overlooked art form. While children today can naturally use their tablet, laptop, 2 in 1, All-in-One PC or smartphone to accomplish almost any task, they may have never learned how to knit, bake or tie a slipknot like Grandma and Grandpa did growing up.

Generations can learn a lot from each other, which is why Intel is encouraging grandparents, grandchildren and even parents to get together this Grandparents Day to share their favorite talents and how-to’s in a nationwide skill swap.

On September 13, gather your family together to enjoy quality time and learn engaging and useful skills that are best taught by your grandparent or grandchild. In addition to teaching new tech skills to the novice tech members of your family, use your favorite Intel-powered tablet, laptop, 2 in 1, All-in-One PC or smartphone to capture Grandparents Day moments in photo or video format, chronicle the day and jot down notes about your newfound skills.

Even if great distances separate you, celebrate the day from your remote locations by using technology to communicate and virtually swap skills and stories. For example, video chat with grandma and grandpa as they show you how to cook a favorite meal in the kitchen, or virtually teach them how to play a digital card game. Though miles apart, you’ll feel close together thanks to the reliable and powerful video chat capabilities on Intel-powered devices.

Any why limit this fun exchange to only September 13? Continue this practice throughout the year! Take a look at Intel’s activity list for inspiration, send our invitation to your grandparents or grandchildren, and then proudly post the skill-swap badge to show off your participation. Happy Grandparents Day to all of our grandmothers and grandfathers!

intel_ActivitySheet_9115 Intel_Grandparents Day Invitation_v5 Intel_Grandparents_Swap_badge_v5 (1)