Tablets Everywhere


Whether you own a tablet or not, chances are you interact with them throughout the course of your day, and perhaps you no longer give it a second thought? When technology becomes this pervasive and invisible – it truly has succeeded. Check out our list of top “Tablet Life Hacks” that showcase common situations where you’ve probably encountered a tablet and how it’s helped out tremendously.

  • Pop-up Stores: Tablets have enabled everyone from Makers to bona fido manufacturers to reinvent the retail experience with creative portable point-of-sale (POS) solutions and cost effective inventory and payment systems.
  • Dining: From food trucks to fast food check out lines, tablets have satiated our hunger for new culinary experiences and better customer service.
  • Check Out: Long lines at popular stores are now expedited when sales associates walk down lines and take customer orders before ever reaching the counter.
  • Saving Trees: From coffee shops to haute couture, quick and easy digital check out – including digital tipping and receipts – is making for a paper-free world.

If you still are not convinced, surveys have supported that customers feel mobile technologies have improved their buying experience. While this is ideal for customer satisfaction and will help ensure their valued return, business owners profit too. Speedy and sleek tablet based POS systems and productivity apps, coupled with the affordability of Intel-powered tablets, have equally proven to increase sales. Now customers are happy and businesses can thrive. A win, win for everyone!

Now the interesting thought to consider is what else can tablets do? Share with us new ideas that tablets could improve our lives here.