Home is Where the Hub Is

INTX_400x400This week Intel is showcasing the latest developments in our cable home gateway technologies at the Internet and Television Expo—INTX 2015 in Chicago May 5-7. This is the North American cable industry’s biggest show of the year. The cable industry has been in the news a lot lately and it continues to experience business and technology transitions that make for exciting times. In fact, we had our own excitement last month when our Lantiq acquisition closed and the combined teams created the new Connected Home Division.

One of the areas that Intel innovates with the cable industry is on the home gateway. These devices deliver ultra-fast broadband and power the WiFi home network. They can store memories in a ‘home cloud’ and can even make the home smarter by managing IoT devices. Gateways are truly becoming the connectivity hub of the home and we expect to see lots of innovation around these devices at INTX.

A sure to be hot topic at this year’s show will be IoT. Intel is excited to debut OIC’s IoTivity software running on an Intel® Puma™ 6 SoC, creating a smart home gateway. OIC is the Open Interconnect Consortium which consists of leading technology companies with the goal of defining the connectivity requirements and ensuring interoperability of the billions of devices that will make up the emerging internet of things. Intel will be showing an OIC demo in INTX’s new IoT Intersections area as well as in our booth.

With the explosion of internet connected devices on the home network like webcams, TV’s, and game consoles, many of these devices can be at risk for viruses or even hacking. Protecting the home’s network is vitally important to both operators and consumers. At INTX we’ll demonstrate how McAfee running on a home gateway adds a layer of protection to the home network to protect these vulnerable devices.

And of course in our booth we’ll be highlighting our industry leading Puma™ family of gateway silicon including our pin compatible 16, 24, or 32 channel Puma 6 SoCs which can deliver gigabit speeds into the home. For cable service providers who are looking to deploy fiber access solutions, we’ll show a GPON front end paired with a Puma 6E SoC allows operators to reuse their Puma SW investments. We’ll also have a sneak peak at our next gen home gateway SoC where we’ll demonstrate the amazing performance of our latest energy sipping Atom™ CPU. Although low power, this dual core CPU has the performance to do line rate deep packet inspection using a tool designed for both intrusion prevention and QOS applications.

If you’re attending INTX, see these and more at Intel’s booth #1715. And remember, if it’s smart and connected, it’s best with Intel.