Tax Day The Tablet Way

Tax season is probably not something we look forward to – whether you’re a small business owner, have a complex set of personal tax write-offs, or just have simple tax needs. You might have been diligent and completed your tax forms ahead of time, or perhaps you are procrastinating (like most of us) as the deadline draws near. Whatever your situation may be, there are many new ways that Intel-powered tablets can make the tax process – this year and in the future – less painful. Below are some ideas on how tablet technology can make the tax process simpler, more efficient, and more accurate.


  1. To get started, estimate your tax bill with a free application such as TaxCaster to get a sense of how your taxes will pan out. You’ll be able to get a snapshot of the good (or bad) news early and will have a point of reference when putting together your actual tax forms. Plus, you’ll have all of your information at your fingertips for when it comes time to complete your actual tax forms. And you can easily bring your data-filled tablet to your accountant’s office as needed.


  1. Tax season sometimes forces you to pull out boxes of receipts from the previous year. De-clutter your home by sorting through the paper pile, throwing out unnecessary receipts and digitizing those that you need to keep. Scan or take photos of your more important receipts and then toss the paper copies (but not without shredding paper with personal data on it). The latest tablets have high quality cameras and all professional software, making them great mobile workstations. You’ll accomplish some spring-cleaning while completing your taxes.


  1. Planning to use that tax return for a special splurge? Keep an eye on your tax return status, whether or not you’re a TurboTax customer, using their app MyTaxRefund. You’ll be able to view the e-file status of your tax returns and receive an estimate of when you’ll get your tax refund anytime, anywhere with your tablet.


  1. If you are a business owner and are still compiling sales data on paper or through clunky, outdated desktop programs, now is the time to update to a mobile-friendly application. For example, SMB retailers with outdated point of sale technology can consider using tablets with credit card readers like Square to automatically collect and store data. These applications email receipts, and track income, sales and taxes. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of our “go green” tactics.


The April 15 deadline is approaching quickly. Consider picking up your tablet and working through your taxes now. It might not be as daunting as you believe!