Your Front Row Seat for Oscar Sunday

iStock_000057222810SmallOne of Hollywood’s favorite awards shows is upon us this weekend.   It will be a great night of entertainment whether you are toasting the Oscars with champagne in formal attire with friends or are opting to kick back and relax on Sunday night to enjoy the show. Technology continues to change how we entertain and viewing the Oscars is no exception. An Intel-powered tablet can enhance your Oscar viewing experience by acting as a second screen, bringing you more in-depth information about the movies, actors and what’s happening behind the scenes.

For many, the red carpet is the highlight of the show. With so many celebrities to interview, many entertainment channels post “extra” interviews on their websites. Catch every juicy interview and fabulous fashion moment from the convenience of your tablet. Tablets are so lightweight and portable that you can pass your device around to other party guests so that everyone can enjoy the behind the scenes looks. The battery life featured in Intel-powered tablets means you can stay connected and engaged for hours and hours at a time without having to plug in.

While watching the Oscars, if you can’t remember the details of each film and want to refresh your memory, just pull up the trailers on YouTube or read synopses on sites such as IMDb. The power and performance of Intel® Atom™ tablets will let you switch between apps and websites seamlessly without glitches or lag time. If you want to share a particular video with your guests during commercial break, try using the Intel® Wireless Display capabilities to share content running on your tablet to your HDTV cord free with as simple as a swipe on your touchscreen.

If you weren’t able to watch some of the winning films prior to the Oscars, rent them online or catch them on Netflix or other streaming services from your tablet after the event ends.

Enjoy one of entertainment’s greatest nights, and stay engaged in the event through your own means – on your Intel-powered tablet. How will you use your device for Oscar weekend?