Intel-Powered Tablets Will Be This Sunday’s All Star

Super Bowl Blog Photo

The much anticipated big game is this weekend. Whether you’re an avid sports fan throwing a fantastic party, one of the many people that have recently cut your cable cord and need to find a new way to watch the game, or just hoping to catch the best plays on the go, your Intel-powered tablet can enhance your football fan experience.

The ideal football viewing party includes delicious snacks, drinks and a great entertainment center where guests can kick back, relax and cheer through the game. While your Intel-based tablet certainly wouldn’t serve as the main screen for your 30-person party, it can be an ideal second screen for enhancing your crowd’s experience. Party guests can use your tablet to check player stats, place game bets and check their favorite sports blogger’s posts. If you can’t see the TV from your seat in the crowded party, you can pull up the game on your device for your own personal viewing experience. Or if you’re the host and need to trek back and forth between the kitchen and TV room, grab your lightweight tablet for those moments that you are away from the TV, so that you don’t miss a minute of game time.

The big game will be fully live streamed by NBC, enabling those that have cut their cable cords to tune in and catch every minute of the game – including the halftime show and commercials – without a hitch. To tune in to “Super Stream Sunday,” just download the NBC Sports Live Extra. Enjoy the whole game charger-free thanks to the battery life and performance powered by Intel® Atom™ processors.

Perhaps you’re not the number one football fan, or you may be less enthusiastic than usual because your team did not make it to the final game. Whatever your reasons for not tuning in for the full game, you may still want to check out the highlights or a recap. If you’re on the move on Sunday, throw your slim and sleek tablet in your bag so that you can sporadically tune in and stay connected no matter where you are. And even if you could care less about the game itself, everyone enjoys viewing the star-studded commercials. Your tablet is the perfect device to prop up wherever you are and skim through the best ads, which will all be conveniently located on YouTube’s Ad Blitz.

Enjoy the game this Sunday, and take your fan experience to the next level with a Intel-powered tablet.