Intel® Partners With LG® To Build The Industry’s First 4K Wireless Display Solution

Wireless display capabilities have grown leaps and bounds in recent months. To take the new cord-cutting technology to the next level, Intel partnered with LG® to release the industry’s first wireless displays supporting full 4K UHD video streaming. This industry-leading milestone pushes Intel® WiDi (evolved from the Miracast wireless display standard) to the forefront of the wireless display revolution. The LG® display will be available in the first half of 2015, and 4K UHD wireless streaming is supported on select Gen 5 Intel® Core processor-based systems.


Ditch The Cables, Keep The Quality

While many popular wireless video adapters still struggle with latency and connectivity, Intel® WiDi delivers rich, vibrant visuals and audio with low latency and high reliability. Imagine streaming the content you love from your laptop or mobile devices to your 65” LG ultra-high-definition (UHD) TV while using your second screen to multitask with no wires. You can even cast up to 4 HD video streams to a display simultaneously — a perfect companion for live sporting events or concerts.

The industry is on a steep trajectory of change. Currently, we have over 100 million devices supporting Intel® WiDi with many more products to come. Our devices used to be tethered to our monitors and isolated from our TVs, but Intel® WiDi is blurring the line of where and how we consume content and use our devices. Wireless display technology turns your tablet, smartphone, or laptop into a content hub that can be easily paired with the numerous enabled displays you encounter in your daily life. The same technology will allow you to wirelessly stream your favorite movie at home from your laptop one day and give a presentation in your company’s boardroom the next.

For more information on Intel® WiDi and the LG® displays available in 2015, click here.