Intel Launches New Site For All Things Wireless

It’s time for consumers to stand up and demand nothing less than the fastest and most reliable wireless technology in new devices. Intel’s new wireless site offers a wealth of information on the benefits of Intel Wireless-AC, and why it should be in every new tablet, 2 in 1, laptop, and more.


Why AC?

No, AC doesn’t stand for “air conditioning.” Whether you’re buying a new laptop, 2 in 1, tablet, smartphone, or All-in-One PC, the new Intel wireless website is a great resource for understanding why 802.11ac technology is so important to have in any new piece of technology. Wireless-AC is a lighting-fast new standard that allows you to stream videos and share large files at unprecedented data transfer rates — but you can only take advantage of these blazing speeds if you have the right hardware. This site is a great starting point for understanding and adopting an “all-AC” lifestyle.

Buy AC!

What Wireless-AC means for new devices is dramatically increased speed and network reliability. The devices featured on the new Intel site are all loaded with this fast new technology, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the new laptop you just added to your shopping cart on that major retailer’s website has the latest and greatest in wireless tech. Many retailers and manufacturers purposely leave out wireless standards from product spec lists because they load new devices with old 802.11n wireless cards. If you’re in the market for any kind of new device, you need to know what kind of wireless technology it supports.

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