Intel® DRS — No More Wi-Fi Trouble For International Travelers

If you travel internationally, you may be familiar with difficulties associated with connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Wireless standards and regulatory requirements differ from country to country, and incompatible Wi-Fi hardware in your laptop or other mobile device may adversely affect your connectivity. Thankfully, the new Intel® Dynamic Regulatory Solution (Intel® DRS) puts an end to these international connectivity issues by offering a one-size-fits-all solution for international regulatory issues.

Lower Costs for PC Makers


Before Intel® DRS, PC manufacturers needed separate inventories of Wi-Fi cards for different countries or groups of countries. Thanks to Intel® DRS, this costly, wasteful approach to manufacturing will be a thing of the past for PC makers that install Intel® Wireless-AC adapters in their new devices. Intel® DRS enables new Intel® Wireless-AC adapters to support worldwide regulatory requirements using a single product.

Improved Wi-Fi Performance for International Travelers

Users can now travel the world without Wi-Fi connectivity issues from regulatory non-compliance. New Intel® Wireless-AC adapters featuring Intel® DRS detect their own location and automatically configures the Wi-Fi to match it. These Wi-Fi optimizations bring the PC market up to speed with the capabilities offered in mobile phones.

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