Unwiring the Last Bastion of Wired Connectivity: The Desktop PC

For years, the desktop tower was a symbol of technological superiority — a pillar of processing power, storage capacity, and memory. In the past, everything that happened on a computer happened on a desktop tower. However, advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to replicate much of the desktop’s utilitarian power and productivity in much smaller, more mobile products like All-in-Ones, Mini Desktops and Small Form Factor Towers.

The End Of Desktop Cord Clutter

The desktop isn’t really dead, it’s just evolving. The clutter of cords and adapters required by older desktops is unsightly and in many cases, inefficient. In the past, we were tied down by wires. The old towers may be crumbling, but we still work at desks, and we still use screens and other peripherals. Thanks to evolved wireless technologies, new portable all-in-one devices feature a 1-cord setup and offer the functionality and power of a traditional desktop, but also offer you the option to untether and work on the go. Not only are these devices portable, they’re also incredibly powerful. For example, an Intel-powered all-in-one features 10x the video conversion speed offered by the PC you’ve only had for a few years.

These all-in-one desktop solutions offer unparalleled wireless connectivity to your peripherals and your wireless network. In addition to pairing wirelessly with your mouse and keyboard, many of these devices feature a touch screen and battery so you can actually un-dock and work, create, or enjoy content the way you want to on a touch-screen device up to 27” diagonal.

For the traditionalists who still prefer towers with separate displays, there’s also good news on the wireless front. Thanks to upgrades in wireless technology, cords for displays, storage devices, printers, speakers, and more are going away. Not only will the connections with your peripherals be wireless and stable — docking with them will also be seamless.

For a while, the cord-free movement was slowed down by a lack of wireless performance to match wired. However, the moment is ripe for manufacturers to build sophisticated new wireless features into their products. A recent study predicts that by 2017 nearly 90% of all PCs will connect via dual-band 802.11ac, and by 2019, nearly 100% of all-in-one portables will feature a complete spectrum of wireless connectivity. With wireless technologies developing at a rapid pace, the wireless future looks very bright for the desktop.

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