Better, Faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi is Here — Shouldn’t It Be In Your New PC?

Many manufacturers are still putting outdated 802.11bgn wireless technology in new devices despite the fact that the technology is almost 8 years old and has since been replaced by 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which is 3x faster and more stable. Since this better, faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi is here, shouldn’t it be in any new device you buy?

When shopping for a new PC, it’s crucial to look for 802.11ac or Intel® Wireless-AC on the device’s specs and features list, but it’s often difficult for customers to find out which Wi-Fi is inside a device. Thankfully, Intel® is partnering with leading tech retailers around the globe to make it easier for their customers find the latest PCs with Intel® Wireless-AC.

Connect Faster, Now

Each of these retailer sites below include an Intel® Wireless-AC landing page to learn more about 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a listing of PC product deals with Intel® Wireless-AC inside:

PC AC graphic

Don’t let your PC’s Wi-Fi become obsolete as soon as you unbox it. By using these guides, you can be confident that your next PC is loaded with fast, reliable Intel Wireless-AC Wi-Fi.

To learn more about the benefits of Intel® Wireless-AC, click on the links above or check out our guide to 802.11ac Wi-Fi.