Technology for All: Overcoming Tech Intimidation with a Special Tablet

Technology can be intimidating. Not all of us want a device with a long list fancy features and all the learning or trouble shooting that comes along with them. Simplicity and ease of use can be very important factors in selecting a device that meets your needs and makes your tablet experience enjoyable and headache free.

Enter RealPad, a device that makes using a tablet as easy as possible. Affordable and simple to use, the Intel-powered RealPad provides the popular capabilities – from video chat, email and Internet browsing to entertainment – that a user would desire.


While it comes with the features that one expects with a tablet, including a 7.85-inch color touchscreen, front and rear facing cameras, and 16 GB of built-in storage, it also provides some thoughtful features that make this device standout in terms of friendliness and ease of use. For those who are unfamiliar with tablets, it might feel daunting to even think of how to start using one. RealPad makes wary users feel at ease with their tablet with various personalized qualities:

  • RealPad features an owners’ manual that explains basic functions such as how to take a picture or how to pair the tablet with a Bluetooth device.
  • A special tool bar at the bottom of RealPad’s screen provides fast and convenient access to several helpful features provided by AARP including a selection of demo-style ‘how-to’ videos to help users visualize and learn these activities.
  • When new-to-tech users crave a little encouragement and affirmation, there is a RealQuick Fix button on the device that alerts you of the tablet’s status and lets you know if something has gone awry.
  • And to take it one step further, free tech support is available to RealPad users around the clock, seven days a week via a toll-free number. It’s always comforting to know that someone is there to assist, no matter what time or day it may be.

Technology decisions are becoming more and more centered on personalization and choice. While devices that come with the latest add-ons and fancy features can be a great fit for those looking to get more advanced output from their tablets, these user-friendly tablets with troubleshooting options and additional support are part of an emerging trend that brings the benefits of technology to broader audiences.

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