Tech on Turkey Day: Simplifying and Adding Flair to Your Holiday Celebration

While the holidays are filled with fun, excitement and favorite traditions, they are also a hectic and sometimes stressful time of the year. Amidst shopping, cooking and entertaining, we often feel as though we might benefit from an extra helper or personal assistant. People are leveraging their tech devices, such as Intel-powered tablets, more and more to ease their holiday stress.Autumn decoration

This week you are likely thinking ahead about all the details of your Thanksgiving Day. Whether you are making last minute travel plans, emailing relatives about the dinner party, or planning your Thanksgiving meal and shopping list using apps such as MealBoard, your tablet can serve as one place to consolidate all needs and preparation to keep things organized and streamlined. And with the processing power that Intel® Atom™ processor-based tablets offer, you won’t lose a second of time while flipping between applications, browsing the Internet and staying in constant communication with your family and friends.

For the foodies out there, apps such as Condé Nast’s Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual can serve as a chef’s assistant in the kitchen. Prop your tablet up on the counter and scroll through apps, convert recipe measurements and get cooking on Thanksgiving Day. For those with less Thanksgiving cooking experience, simple apps such as TurkeyTimer make the daunting task of cooking your turkey perfectly much easier.

When the day finally arrives, display your tablet (or more than one!) around the house. Prop it on the coffee table so that visiting relatives can browse photos of your recent family vacation. Hook it up to your speakers to entertain guests with soothing tunes. Keep it tucked next to the sofa so that your sports fans can peek at the football game scores.  For the far away family members that were not able to join the group for the day’s festivities, Skype with them to include them in the celebration. Whether you opt for an Android or Windows device, your tablet will deliver long battery life to stay by your side throughout the holiday.

Plan ahead, ease your stress, entertain guests, and most importantly, enjoy the holiday, all powered by your “personal assistant” – your tablet.