Musicians Using Intel Technology to Improve Connectivity and Creativity

Linkin Park’s use of Intel-powered technology demonstrates that tech has a significant presence in creative industries today. In a recent video,  Linkin Park’s very own Mike Shinoda shares with fans how technology is helping to unleash creative minds, using the popular band’s experience as an example. From their work with Intel and collaboration with Open Labs to create a special edition of Stagelight, a music creation application designed to give everyone the power to create music, the band is shining a new light on how technology can aid music industry professionals.

In the video, Shinoda describes how technology plays an integral role in the band’s professional and personal lives while demonstrating how they utilize Intel-powered tablets to support their creative endeavors. Given the essential role technology plays, tablets with lightning-fast performance and long battery life powered by Intel technology are critical to creating exciting new music.  Yet they are simple to use so a wide range of musicians―from popular bands like Linkin Park to young, aspiring children―can quickly capture their latest inspirations anywhere, anytime. From digital song writing and recording to brainstorming new creative music ideas, technology permeates all aspects of the band’s creative processes, both as a group and individually, in and out of the studio.

On a more personal level, Shinoda demonstrates how members of his band use Intel-powered tablets to stay connected on tour. Tablets are thin and light, weighing in at just a few pounds, making them a helpful on-the-go companion. Whether used for video chatting with family members to keep in touch, sending photos and videos to loved ones who may be far away, or communicating with fans via social media, these devices make mobile connectivity seamless and reliable. And if you feel that stars like Linkin Park seem so far removed from your “average” life, they also kick back and relax with their tablet to play games and stream their favorite TV shows and movies, just like the rest of us.

Beyond Linkin Park, artists of all kinds, from videographers and animators to designers and musicians, are employing technology to improve their craft. Digital technology has revolutionized music-making in recent years, and musicians continue to find new ways to utilize technology to enhance their work. So tell us, how has technology helped you in your creative pursuits?