Get The Big Picture With The Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2

Advances in wireless technology have created opportunities for people to de-clutter their lives by removing more and more cords. Intel’s vision is to create a completely wire-free experience for both the home and office, and one of the first steps toward an untethered future is Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi). While millions of new displays and TVs include Intel® WiDi capability, new low-priced adapters like the Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2 let you turn any HDMI-enabled TV or monitor into an Intel® WiDi-compatible display at an affordable price.
Get The Big Picture

The ScreenBeam Mini2 isn’t just an affordable option — it’s a high-performance receiver that supports full 1080P HD video and high quality sound. The ScreenBeam Mini2 is an Intel® WiDi certified adapter, which is based on the industry standard WFA Miracast specification and doesn’t require a Wi-Fi Access Point when paired with a device loaded with Intel® WiDi technology. This means you don’t have to clog up your home or office Wi-Fi with large data transfers. The adapter streams clear, in-sync audio and video with low latency from a range of compatible devices, laptop PC, tablet or phone equipped with Intel® WiDi technology. Tablets and smartphones running Windows 8.1 or Android 4.2 and laptops using Windows 8.1 can all wirelessly mirror any content to any HD display connected to the ScreenBeam Mini2. Intel® WiDi has shipped on over 100 million PCs and tablets to date.

Free Your Media

Until now, the content on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone has been confined to a small screen, or only mirrored to a larger display using a clunky cord. Intel® WiDi changes all of that. Now that you can wirelessly extend your laptop screen to your TV screen, you can still use your device to surf the web or check email from the comfort of your couch while simultaneously streaming media to the large TV screen. Unlike adapters based on wireless display solutions other than Intel® WiDi, the ScreenBeam Mini2 lets you stream all of your content (local or Internet) with no restrictions and no dependencies on applications. While some other products restrict your content to a few compatible apps, the ScreenBeam Mini2 gives you complete control of your wireless display experience.


The ultra-portability of the ScreenBeam Mini2 (the device is about the size of two 9V batteries placed end-to-end) means you’ll have a wireless display solution wherever you go. By adding an Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini 2 to your travel kit, you could use it to watch a movie or play a game on the flat screen in your hotel room one night, and give a presentation on the TV in a client’s boardroom the next morning. By combining an Intel® WiDi-enabled PC with an Intel wireless display adapter like the ScreenBeam Mini2, you’ll never have to be limited by a small screen, no matter where you are.

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