“Wireless” Vs. “Wire Free” — Uncompromised Productivity

Advances in technology have produced a comfortable wireless computing experience that allows us the ability to move beyond the tethers of Ethernet cables, but we still have a few more steps before we can confidently say, “We’re wire free.”

The new 802.11ad WiGig specification takes on the last bastion of wired connections: peripherals using HDMI, USB and other cables we use to connect our mobile devices to large displays, storage, audio, webcams, keyboards, printers, and more. WiGig uses a new unlicensed 60 MHz band that can deliver up to 7 Gbps for instant, seamless, wire-free connectivity between these nearby peripheral devices.


Wireless Docking: Intuitive, Seamless, Simple

WiGig is the perfect technology for docking your mobile PC (2in1, notebook, tablet, etc.) devices to your stationary workplace. Like many people, you may already snap your laptop into a docking station that connects to your peripherals. With a WiGig docking station, you still connect to your existing wired peripherals, but you don’t put your mobile PC into a hardware docking station. The WiGig docking station wirelessly connects your mobile PC instantly to the desktop peripherals based on your proximity to the docking station. Simply showing up with your WiGig-enabled mobile device connects to you to your peripherals. No more searching, waiting, then pairing — as soon as your device and docking station recognize each other, you’re connected to everything on your desktop as well as your Wi-Fi network.

The beauty of WiGig is that it works with your existing peripherals. A simple WiGig docking station will interface with legacy devices — wired or wireless. As new WiGig-enabled devices hit the market, you can enjoy direct connections and finally dump the cables.

The WiGig Advantage

WiGig’s enabling of instantaneous, hassle-free wireless docking goes beyond a simple cable replacement. It replaces complicated, mechanical connections with instantaneous connectivity activated by simply “being there.” It uses your proximity to the dock to seamlessly turn on and off the tools you use to create, collaborate, and communicate.

One of the biggest WiGig advantages is the freedom to wirelessly extend your device’s display to HD screens. When you’re in range, your devices will be able to automatically pair with up to two full HD screens — no setup required. Low-latency connectivity means you won’t have to worry about loading or lag times.

WiGig is a true leap forward for the wireless industry and you. We already have the new 3x faster 802.11ac available for Wi-Fi connectivity; with WiGig we get a wireless infrastructure that supports the data-intense peripheral ecosystem. Combined with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, WiGig creates a single, seamless wireless experience that connects us to everything from the cloud down to the desktop.