Trends in Tablet Usage Show Current Tablets Usage Mainly in the Home

According to a recent study by RealityMine, 85% of all tablet use occurs at home. As tablet technology has advanced, we’ve seen the tablet become a mainstay in the American household, elevating our typical activities and giving us access to new information and content.

The RealityMine study found that when it comes to the time people are using their tablets, most usage occurs between the hours of 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. and people are mainly using them for consumption activities, such as games and entertainment. The latest tablets with enhanced HD graphics, extended battery life and lightning-fast performance offered by the Intel Atom processor bring a new dimension to this time of gaming and entertainment. Tablets helps us cheer on our favorite teams, change the way we learn, and entertain our friends and family.

Also according to the study, 34.5% of all video and TV app use occurs during 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tablets are transforming the way we watch television, with entertainment apps such as Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu Plus available at the ready, people can easily access the content they want when they have the time to watch it.  In the morning, e-mail, e-readers and news apps are most popular, showing that Americans want to be “in the know” before they start their day.

While it appears that most tablets are indeed used inside the home, the latest tablets coming to market have features to extend the horizon of our tablet usage beyond the home.   Intel’s advanced LTE solution is allowing people to access on demand, regardless of location, so they may not need to wait until they are in their living room to stream the latest season of House of Cards. New features such as Intel RealSense Technology will also be taking photography capabilities in tablets to the next level, allowing users to take and interact with multi-dimensional pictures, making it more useful and fun to have your tablets with you all the time.

People will inevitably still use their tablets quite a bit at home.  But with these new innovations coming to tablets, consumers and businesses will come up with new exciting ways to use tablets in the office, businesses and other settings.  For example, we have seen two pair of technologists putting their Intel-powered tablets to interesting and productivity use.  How have you been using your tablets?

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