Newest Member of the 12th Man Club: Your Tablet

We’re through the first month of football, and back into full cheering, stats-watching and tailgating mode. While 12th-man clubs across the country are having meet-ups and tailgating parties to root on their favorite teams, they could benefit from a new addition to the group. Intel-powered tablets can help supplement your favorite football traditions at the stadium and at home.

Tailgating with your Tablet

Look around any stadium parking lot, and you’ll see fans trying to out-do each other when it comes to tailgating. Before you head down to the lot, check BuzzFeed or Pinterest to find some genius tailgating and football party ideas or recipes while in store to keep your shopping list updated. Intel-powered tablets are thin and ultra-portable, so bring them to the game to take photos of everyone in their teams colors and stay up to date with other scores using apps such as NFL RedZone or NFL Mobile. And long battery life means you can enjoy replays and highlights during the pregame, timeouts and halftime without having to recharge.

Master Your Fantasy Football League

Are you also addicted to your Fantasy Football league? By using your Intel-powered tablet you can easily keep your roster updated and make those crunch time trades to get that clutch win.  Inside both Windows and Android devices, Intel processors allow your tablet to quickly and efficiently multi-task, whether you are catching up on work or perhaps at home watching one game on your TV and another on your tablet.  Also, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, and NFL Fantasy all have lightning fast apps for your tablet, allowing you to research the upcoming week’s games and projected stats for your team and your opponent’s.

Use the Same Technology as Your Favorite Players

Teams are also ditching the heavy binders of plays and scouting reports for slim, high performance tablets. Players receive them during training camp and refer to them all season – even receiving updates on their current games on the sidelines, letting them review every pass, tackle and punt. In fact, the new Microsoft Surface Pro based on Intel Core processor is now the official tablet for NFL.  NFL coaches and players are using the tablets to be more productive and game plan their daily lives, ushering a new era of technology that’s more useful for players, more manageable for teams and more enjoyable for fans.

There are quite a few Intel-powered tablets to choose from to make you a pro tailgater and football fan this season. Share with us, is your tablet already part of the 12th Man club? Do you use it to keep up with all of the football updates?

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