The 802.11ac Wireless Home Is A Happy Home

The fast-approaching “Internet of Things” is already placing unforeseen burdens on older wireless access points. Now that almost every new device has some kind of wireless connectivity, it’s becoming very clear why you should upgrade to devices featuring 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Older 802.11abgn Wi-Fi routers just can’t handle the workload that all of these new devices are placing on them. Enter 802.11ac, a wireless standard designed to support our new wirelessly connected world.

Smoother Streaming, Better Gaming, Faster Downloads
Previous wireless standards don’t hold up once in homes and offices with multiple phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and other devices connected to the network. It becomes even more apparent once multiple users attempt to stream HD content simultaneously. On 802.11abgn routers, the picture quality may drop significantly — or worse, each user could get the dreaded “buffering” pinwheel.


Your ticket to 3x faster Wi-Fi is a device featuring Intel® Wireless AC technology and an 802.11ac wireless access point. With 802.11ac, you don’t have to worry about the congestion caused by increasing numbers of wireless devices in your home or office. The video below does a great job illustrating the benefits of upgrading to 802.11ac wireless, and what makes it the most innovative wireless standard yet.

The possibilities afforded by this new wireless technology are endless. To learn more about how you can get more speed and capacity out of your home or office wireless network, click here.

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